well, it was inevitable but I've finally got to play ff10! yay! anyways, same old same old. if you don't want me to spoil the whole story then just go back to the main page.

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OK, first you start off as Tidus.Tidus He's a star blitzball player in Zanarkand. The arena is so coool looking. it's a giant sphere of water. Anyways, During a game, a giant thingy called "sin" attacks and basically destroys the entire place. During all this commotion Tidus runs into his dad's old friend, AuronAuron(he kicks butt!) They fight some scale things that come off of sin and then he gets sucked into this vacuum thing by Sin. Auron also talks to it cause Sin is in fact Tidus' dad. I'll explain later. But Tidus has some pretty bad relations with his dad. He hates him and wants nothing more than to tell him how much he hates him. His dad, Jecht, was also a star blitzball player but disappeared and died. He's also a drunk and REALLY sucks as a dad. I mean, the memories that Tidus has of him is mostly telling him that he suck, is a crybaby and other put downs. I mean, geez, give the little kid a break! anyways, he ends up in this other world where he meets this girl named RikkuRikku who is a Al Bhed. Her people are people who know how to use and work machines. In this world, Machinery are forbidden because it is against the teachings of Yevon. Anyways, they go get some stuff underwater and they get attacked later and he gets thrown off the ship where he then ends up on Besaid.

On Besaid, he meets WakkaWakka, KimahriKimahri,YunaYuna, and LuluLulu. They are all guardians of Yuna and he starts to learn about their stuff. Yuna can summon Aeons and summons her first one cause she is just starting on her pilgrimmage to collect all the Aeons so that she can get the final aeon and defeat sin and bring the calm. The calm is a period when there is peace and no sin to come and randomly kill people. Tidus finds out that he's on Spira and that Zanarkand has been destroyed for a thousand years already. Anyways, they all let Tidus come along with them to Luca where they have a Blitzball tournament and that he may find someone there who knows him. They all believe that Tidus is only some guy that got to close to Sin and has some sort of amnesia. Anyways, on the way there Sin attacks and kills off ppls in Kilika port and Yuna does her send off. This is where she dances and sends the spirits of the dead to the Farplane to rest in peace. Wakka recruits Tidus to play with his team, which actually sucks and everyone knows it. The Luca Goers, I hate them soooo much, make fun of them and they also get a huge crowd to greet them when they come to play at the tournament. I also want to add that blitzball is soooo hard. I have no idea what the heck I'm doing and I REALLY hate that game. I mean, a turn based underrwater rugby type game? what the heck is that?! anyways, at least I didn't suck as badly as my friend. it's soooo hard. I mean, those ppl I had to fight against were sooo hard. their levels were soooo much higher than mine. I was at like level 1 and they were more of 10 for their sorriest player. Anyways, the stadium gets attacked and Auron comes and helps save the day. Yuna then decides to take Tidus and Auron as guardians as well. Yuna is the daughter of a summoner named Braska who fought Sin earlier and died. Auron and jecht were his guardians. The way this world works is that every now and then a summoner goes on a pilgrimmage and fights sin and wins. but he dies in the process. The final aeon is actually one of the people that the summoner is close to. That aeon then becomes the new sin and the whole cycle begins again. It's kinda how Spira got its name. It's actually spiralling towards death. I swear, these games are always so depressing. Yuna is also the daughter of a Yevon person and an Al bhed. The Yevon ppls and Al bhed don't like each other because well, the Al Bhed are into machines and the Yevonites are against machines. They tend to hate each other. Yuna has one eye blue and one eye green. this is because all Al Bhed ppls have green eyes. Cid is an Albhed person in this game. he's also Yuna's uncle. Anyways, Yuna catches Seymour's eye and I think that he has some freaky obsession with her or something. He just won't die! I think they kill him 4 or 5 times. I just kept screaming at the tv, "why came you just do your stupid dance and send him off already?! AAARRRGGG!!! " Anyways, SeymourSeymour is actually half guado half human. Guado are these weird blue colored ppls who guard the gate to the farplane. He actually killed his dad and want to end the spiral of death by well, killing off the entire world. (god, you'd think these megalomanics would at least do a decent job and take over the world and rule or something!) While on the pilgrimmage, they meet Donna and her guardian. The guy doesn't talk much but he went into the whole guardian business cause of auron. It's kinda funny cause he's a big fan of him. Anyways, it kinda sucks but Seymore and the other maester, Kinoc, in charge of the monks that fight(sound familiar? :)), decide on a plan with the Al bhed to try using machines to defeat Sin. It doesn't work and it's basically one big slaughter. Which actually was the point. It was to kinda make ppls believe in Yevon cause what they've "demonstrated" is that those who dare to use machines not approaved by Yevon will die a not very nice death by Sin.

Anyways, he actually got Yuna to to altar with him. They actually get married and she actually kisses him. And THIS is after they killed him off the 1st time around. I just started screaming ,"EEEEEEW! that is soooo nasty! he's freaking dead!" but the way this works, those little flying light things are actually pyreflies. They can rearrange themselves and become a vision of a person who has died. Kinda like their spirit. Not sure how the dead person can be solid but ok.... and that explains why everytime you kill something these little balls of light start flying away. I just thought it was their soul or something. Anyways, at the wedding, Yuna's goal was to lead Seymore to the altar and send him but then Kinoc comes and threatens to kill everyone else if she dares to send Seymore. The rest of them pretty much try to come to save her. the movie for it looks pretty cool. Anyways, Yuna drops her staff and that's when Seymore gave her that kiss. (eeeew......) she then threatens to jump off the ship(they're on a flying wedding ship thingy) she gets the ppls to take their guns off their friends and they do but she jumps off anyways is is caught by Valefor who she summons while falling. Rikku throws a flash bomb and they ass escape and meet up at the temple in Bevelle. At the temple, they find out that pretty much everything is run by machina and Wakka has problems since they are supposed to be against machina. they all go to see the fayth and Yuna gets bahamut. then they get caught.

They get put on trial and you find out that the way that Mika has been able to rule Spira so long is cause he's already dead. kind of like recycling people. Anyways they get thrown into a maze place, water ppls separated from the water people, to die from all the stuff in there. Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka fight this monster thingy that is similar to the one they fought to get into Bevelle. except that it swims. Yuna and the rest end up, well actually just Yuna, fighting the Summoner guy. of course she beats him. slightly earlier Seymore and the other maesters get together, except the one for the Ronsos, and Seymore and Kinoc go to make sure that Yuna and Co. do not excape from the mazes. Kinoc was there to make sure that Seymore doesn't let them go cause he just married her and all. But Seymore kills of Kinoc and fights them cause he still has that weird obsession with Yuna. GEEZ! They beat him and all escape from Bevelle where there were now riots and unrest cause of all the stuff.

They camp out and Yuna and Tidus have a bonding moment and kissed underwater and stuff. The background was pretty and they played the theme song of the game. everyone pretty much knew they had a thing for each other so I don't think they cared that much about it. Anyways, they move on to the Calm Lands where summoners typically fought Sin cause that place is a big expanse of nothing. There's a chocobo lady there that lets you ride and train chocobos. Also, you see Rin, the enterprising Al bhed who's like O'aka is going all over the place to sell stuff. They all find out that Bevelle is having unrest and that Lulu's 1st guardian died while traveling in the Calm Lands area. Actually in a cave nearby where they get Yojimbo. Also the temple of Remiem is at the far bottom right corner above the arena where you can race chocobos and fight the summoner lady that keeps popping up thoughout the game whipping Yuna's butt at summoning. anyways, when they were trying to move on to Gagazet mts, some soldiers came and tried to take them back by Seymore's orders. (WHY WON'T HE JUST DIE?!) they go on and find the Ronsos who try to stop them but Yuna's big speech and "courage" to continue on eventhough the religion she belongs to discommunicated her overturned all her beliefs. They found her admirable and let her pass. Except Kimahri had to fight the 2 Ronsos cause they were just mean like that. He beats them and they feel bad and promise to put up a statue of Yuna with a great horn on her head. (reference to previous ff games)All the Ronsos get together and sing the hymn of the fayth and she moves on.

Halfway up the mountain, Seymour attacks again and they beat him again and move on to the top of the mountain. They also find out that Sin always comes back and that the aeon that a summoner uses to defeat Sin is used by Yu Yevon(as a summon) to destroy the world. Yu Yevon used to be a summoner but I guess he died and sorta became a record stuck in a rut. Zanarkand, which they go through in order to see Yunalesca, is actually a place that was destroyed in a war thousands of years ago against Bevelle. Fayth are actually summoners that didn't die. Tidus is actually a product of the dreams of the fayth since when they went there the fayth were all in the process of some sort of summoning. They dreampt of a world without Sin but unfortunately Sin got in. Also they wanted to die so that they may rest and stop dreaming. Unfortunately once they stop dreaming, Tidus and his world will disappear. This is why the little boy super early in the game talked to him and you see him as the fayth guy. They meet Yunalesca, one of the most well known summoners that have beaten Sin. They also find out that there is no real final aeon but one of the summoner's guardians become it. Unfortunately, once a summoner calls the final aeon and defeats Sin, that aeon becomes Sin. That is why Jecht became Sin. You also find out that Jecht actually loved Tidus and that Auron is dead but watches over Tidus cause Jecht made him promise to do so. Auron was actually killed by Yunalesca cause after Braska and Jecht died he wanted revenge for their deaths. Kimarhi was around when they saved Auron but he "left" the next day. Auron made a promise to Jecht that he's watch over tidus and that's when you know that Jecht actually did love Tidus. in a way. Tidus' om died because Jecht had disappeared and was presumed dead and she basically cared only about jecht and pretty much wasted away. Auron was able to keep his promise to watch over Tidus because he was dead and could pretty much go where ever he wanted and since he wanted to get into the dream of the fayth's he got there.

Nobody came forward to be the last aeon because they all believed that it was pointless. Yunalesca decides to fight against them since they refused to pick someone as the final aeon. Yunalesca's final aeon was her husband since the closer a summoner was to the person who was the final aeon, the more powerful it will be. anyways, They beat Yunalesca and then they return to their air ship to figure out what they're going to do next. They figured that since Jecht liked the hymn of the fayth that they'd have the ship play the song and everyone on spira should sing along with it once they see the ship. They also go see Mika to see if there was anything else they could do to deeat Sin without the final aeon. But Mika chickens out and leaves permanently after finding out that they defeated Yunalesca and there was no chance to summon the inal aeon. So they all just decide to go and fight Sin anyways. They go and they have to pretty much fight their way into Sin. Sin that you see most often is actually like some kind of ship in a way. they go through this big maze and finally get to fight Jecht. Tidus tells him he hates him and they come to some sort of understanding and fight. Ater they beat Jecht they fight all the aeons that Yuna has so that Yu Yevon won't be able to merge with the Aeon and continue on his destructive cycle. Then they fight Yu Yevon.

Ater they beat Yu Yevon they escape on Cid's ship. By getting rid of Yu Yevon and everything, I think he kinda had a control on all aeons, The aeons all "die" and stop dreaming. tidus begins to fade out and Yuna tries to hug him but goes right through and he tries to say good bye and jumps of the ship so that yuna won't have to see him disappear before her eyes. The end is pretty inconclusive. yuna tries whistling as hard as she can to hopefully summon Tidus back again since he made the promise earlier that all she needed to do was whistle and he would come. They all go to the blitzball match at Bevelle(I think) and everyone is happy and cherring and of course Yuna is sad cause Tidus is gone. Then as a last shot, you see Tidus in some water kinda floating underwater in a fetal position and then he uncurls and swims off. (what the heck does that mean?) Anyways then it's THE END. It's kinda like a make your own ending sort of a thing.

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