Summary of final fantasy 5

This, as usual, is a spoiler filled story summary of final fantasy 5. If you don't want the story spoiled for you then it's better you go back.

First off, since you name the first main character guy, I'll call him "Bob." Ok, Bob has a chocobo(a chicken/ostrich), named Boko. All of a sudden this meteor falls and chrashes onto the land. There's this beginning sequence where you meet the the king of tycoon and his daughter reina. There's something wrong with the wind crystal and he goes off with a dragon to see what's wrong.

In this world, there are 4 main countries that have 4 crystals, wind(Tycoon), fire(Karnak), water(Waltz), and earth(some ruins). There are machines made that make use of these crystals that was developed by a guy named Cid.(sound familiar?) These crystals were actually to seal the villan X-death who is from another planet(where galuf is from)

Moving on, Bob goes to see the meteorite and you meet reina, who was being attacked, and Galuf who has amnesia. He actually came from another planet and came to Bob's planet by the meteorite that just crashed. But he has amnesia right now and doesn't really remember anything. he's actually a king and also has a daughter and was part of a group of 4 ppl(bob's dad, Zeza, and wolf guy) who sealed x death away. So they all decide to go to the wind shrine and see how the King of Tycoon is doing and once you get there you find out there's this mammoth looking thingy attacking and by the time you beat it, the crystal breaks and the king disappears. you get these crystals and get to learn to do these "jobs" from the crystals. I think they all look kinda cute cause they're in SD form and got these little costumes. ^_^ Moving on, they all go on a series of trying to save the other crystals from breaking and freeing X-death. First is Karnak, but the queen was possessed and the crystal breaks. Next was Waltz where, surprise, the crystals breaks. Then they all go flying around trying to find the last one when these ruins in the desert suddenly take off and go up.(not really anywhere actually) Then they go to find Cid who tells them to get some adamantine to let them up higher. So they go to a meteor and get it and go up to stop the earth crystal from breaking since it's powering the ruins to stay up. (personally, I think that earth stuff tends to STAY down, not FLOAT up. water gave those waltz ppls water and fire gave those ppls well, fire, to use for weapons and wind was used for ship travel. but EARTH to float?!) anyways, the crystal breaks and the king was actually possessed and Krille(galuf's granddaughter) comes and shocks the king and X death does his evil guy speech and makes the shards attack until the king resumes acting like himself and stop them and dies.

Then they all find out the Galuf is from somewhere else and HE leaves by meteor to stop X death from destroying his world. btw, Faris's real name is Salsa(I know, I know, REALLY bad name) and she's Reina's sister who was lost at sea. THAT explains the whole cheezy pirate talk and why she was adopted by these pirate ppls. Cid and Mid find a way to send the group to Galuf's place to help him save the world! (gee, that's a surprise) They all go only to end up on this deserted island where a XDeath lackey comes to kidnap the group and take them to the castle where Galuf has to come save them. They escape and a barrier goes up before they had a chance to get out of the way and basically pitches them to this wilderness area on this other land mass. There they meet a moogle that runs away and they all go to help it and they get to go to the Moogle village. One of them could put on this moogle costume and go next door where this other moogle falls in love and gives that person stuff. (funny, yes. pathetic, in a way) Anyways, they all go to Galuf's castle(val) because moogles are telepathic and Krille has a moogle and they go to take the party home by dragon. They dragon was actually badly injured from the dungeon escape and then they all go to the valley of dragons and they find out that the real reason why almost all dragon's are extinct is because the dragon grass killed them. (ok....) The dragon won't eat the grass and Reina eats it so that the dragon will eat it but gets poisoned cause the dragon grass is poisonous to ppl(geez, she HAD to do it again). anyways, I'm going to stop because I'm REALLY po'ed at the stupid game cause stupid stuff has to keep on killing me. aarrrgg!