Well, as usual, turn back now if you do not want the story ruined for you and etc.

Well, the story starts off with Terra. She is actually from a sort of a parallel world where the ppls are friendly and they are all magical beings(espers). Appearantly, the evil king guy broke into the world a long time ago and attacked the place and they slaughter some ppl until they were driven back. Her mom was trying to escape and dies and he pretty much adopts her and uses her. She breaks out of her trance thingy because her headband thingy breaks or something. ppls are a bit annoyed at her at first cause she was the one who was basically destorying the city just a moment before. The spell is broken and this guy helps her and she meets Locke who doesn't trust her at first cause she WAS destorying the city. She is the only one who can actually use magic which is something that no one else has been able to do since the Mage wars. they go off to escape the soldiers that come and try to take Terra back. They meet the moogles who help them escape and they talk with a moogle named mog who speaks their language. He joins the party much later. they escape and go somewhere....

In the end, they beat the wacked out psychotic guy and Terra becomes an adopted mother to a whole bunch of orphaned kids.
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