Final Fantasy 7

Well, here's the spoiler filled story summary of ff7.

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Sephiroth Sephiroth, main villan out to destroy the planet and aims to be a god. I personally think that he's pretty cute and "well built" too. ^_^ He's also pretty messed up psychologically but well, after reading this summary you'd understand why.

The main character is Cloud.Cloud He was a "former" SOLDIER of Shinra. Actually, he's just a regular soldier guy who couldn't get into the more elite group and the only reason why everyone says he has mako eyes is that he and Zack had experiments done on them by Hojo. Zack is the guy that actually was in SOLDIER. They got experimented on cause of the fact that they were badly injured by Sephiroth going crazy and killing and burning everything at Nibelheim(?). The experiment was all part of a plan to make a sephiroth clone. All clones had a number. Like Red VII. Also, clone used in this game is meant more as a copy of the power that Sephiroth had. Hojo believed that Cloud was a reject and that is why Cloud does not have a number.

Tifa Tifa is a girl he grew up with. She was injured by Sephiroth when he went crazy and killed her father in the reactor. She is also Cloud's love interest. She gets competition for Aeris Aeris who is an Ancient and flower selling girl of the slums. She gets killed by Sephiroth while praying to the planet with a white materia to spare the people when the planet decides to purge everything harmful. (not sure HOW it'll do it but oh well...) Personally, I think Aeris sucks and was only slightly annoyed that she died. More of a, "Geez, why'd you kill HER. now I got one less person." There's also this funny scene where you as Cloud get to wander a bit in the past in Nibelheim. You can even get "orthopedic underwear." dunno what that is but ok.... on the piano you can also get stuff from it if you play. The final limit break manual for Tifa and some 1G bits. Anyways, she helps Cloud when he goes through his whole mental issues and Hojo's psychological screwing up of Tifa and mostly Cloud. I mean he got them thinking that their childhood memories were completely fake and caused by Jenova and stuff.

Jenova is actually this alien evil being. Her cells are implanted to all the ppls of SOLDIER which is partially why those ppls are so buff. Sephiroth is screwed up because the cells were implanted when he was still in the womb and he is actually Hojo and Lucretia'sLucretia son.(she's some scientist lady) Messed up huh? But I guess considering the father.... well, VincentVincent, guy in coffin in old Shinra mansion in Nibelheim, actually was in love with Lucretia and of course was heartbroken and mad at Hojo. He also is a bit genetically messed up, which is why his limit break lets him change. Anyways, Jenova looks gross, is missing the head or something and also has the power to bring all of its cells back together therefore the "reunion." It's also the cause of death for the ancients. I think she made them all sick or something. But she killed them all off and also created a crater in the earth.

Speaking of craters, that's were Sephiroth hibernates until Cloud is brought to give the black materia to him. I guess it's where his body went when he fell in that mako reactor, dunno. And speaking of that, Cloud actually "killed" Sephiroth the 1st time around in Nibelheim after the whole rampage and killing of basically everyone. Cloud was injured when he killed sephiroth which is how he was taken by hojo to be used fo experiments. The Nibelhiem now is made up of actors hired by Shinra to cover up the whole disaster. Man, this company is pretty messed up.

On the whole Shinra thing you got your own little stuff. The guy who controls Cait sith, the stuffed cat and mog, is Reeve(whatever)who is actually a spy at first but decided to join Cloud and Co. He also gets put away. Scarlet is having an affair with Rufus I think, you hear a bit from the Honeybee place. She's pretty messed up. but you get into a cool slapping contest with her and Tifa! Heidigger is a fat guy who laughs like a horse and is a shoeshiner type guy. Rufus is the son of the former president of shinra who was killed by sephiroth when he(spehiroth) took Jenova. Rufus gets blasted to bits by the Diamond weapon when it attacked. haha... The professionals tailing Cloud are the turks RudeRude, RenoReno, and ElenaElena. Vincent used to be one too. Elena likes Reno, who has no clue about it, Rude just doesn't talk that often, and Reno's your basic leader guy.

Yuffie Yuffie is a ninja thief from Wutai who steals all your materia when you land the bronco on her island part. My reaction to this was basically "aaaa! you stupid @#$%^#%&$%^&#%^&#%^&(*$#^%^@!#$%^*&&$!!!!!" basically lots of explicatives in a row. but for me she redeemed herself by helping kick sephiroth's butt. heh heh. There's also this HECKA long process if you want to end up on a date with her at the golden saucer. You can go on a date with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie or Barrett. Actually they take you but that's just a technicality. You get Barrett if you act like a complete jerk to all the girls. I tried but I guess I wasn't enough of a jerk. Also you get to dress up as a girl to sneak into Don Corneo's and you also get to go into the Honeybee Inn. It's weird but that area has a bunch of weirdo ppls and cross dressers. and no, it's not whatever your sick mind may be thinking.

Red VII is pretty cool. not sure what he is exactly but he's kinda like a mix of a lion and dog type thing. He also lives for a long time and his grandfather is an actual guy. dunno how that is but ok... The grandfather is an expert on the universe and help them store the giant materia that they get. Also their ppl are environmentalist type ppls. Heck, Cloud and them are basically environmentalists, radical ones of course(formal use of word. if you don't know, you need to expand your vocab) You also get to see him with his kids at the very end movie sequence when you beat the game. stupid ending doesn't even really explain much except that Midgar is now in a pretty looking green covered ruin and at least Red is alive. Cause the end movie just shows that they all escape but it's not like you get to see if they're happy or what happens afterwards. Like the whole "world purge" thingy and if they all make it. It's implied but I'd like to see it all the same!!!

Of course like any decent final fantasy, there's a guy named Cid. This one I have to say is the coolest one! He has neato limit breaks, he's just sooo entertaining, knows how to drive almost anything(better than lame-o headmaster from 8),foul mouthed, and just generally kick ass cool. ^_^ He was on the Shinra space program but the program was cut. He got to go into space anyways when the rocket is used to attempt to blow up the meteor. He basically gets stuck in rocket town until Cloud and them come to borrow the Bronco and also kick Palmer's butt. It's funny actually, I mean, technically you don't kill him, you just keep hitting him until a certain pt when the bronco turns and he gets out of the way only to get hit by a truck. you also get to hear this bounce type noise and see him bounced off. heehee. funny funny.

Oh, you also get to beat up everyone from shinra except reeve and Rufus. But I think you should've guessed that by now. In the end there is no definite end. It's open and all you see is them escaping and then it fast forwards to the future and you see Red running with his kids and they see midgar which is now a plant evergrown ruin. You don't even really know if they all survived. for all we know they could have been wiped out something. I had no closure except that I finished the game.