Final Fantasy VIII

Here's the Spoiler filled summary of ff8
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The story starts off after the training fight with SquallSquall and SeiferSeifer. Seifer cheated by using magic, which you're not supposed to do, and also injured his sparring partner Squall who in turn basically gave Seifer a scar in the opposite slash direction as his. This is mainly because of the different way of attack. Squall downwards, Seifer upwards. Basically they've been fighting each other ever since they were kids are the orphanage. Seifer has been picking on ZellZell just as long as well. The disiplinary committee is made up of basically him, FujinFujin, and Raijin. This is pretty sad cause it's for the entire school and they're totally rule stiff. Quistis is an instuctor that's only about 1yr older and she has her own "groupies" and I think it's the whole teacher student thing as well. She is also really insecure and has a crush on squall. She gives up when Rinoa comes into the picture though. Anyways, at their Garden, Balamb, they're in the process of becoming a SeeD. What's is stand for? not sure. BUT they are mercernaries whose main purpose is to defeat the sorceress that will try to take over the world. More details later in this summary. They all go to a mission and you get to use Seifer for a moment and when it comes time to leave and you get chased by the machine thingy, the bastard decides to ditch you all even though he's the stupid squad captain.

All become SeeDs except Seifer, surprise, and there's the ball scene and you meet RinoaRinoa. She's there to get help for Timber, a resistance group against Galbadia, by asking CidCid . They all go to Timber and try to abduct the Galbadian president. Then there's this whole plot thing with Edea the SorceressEdea taking over Galbadia and its garden and blowing up the Trabia garden and attempting to blow up the Balamb one. SelphieSelphie is from Trabia and personally, I don't like her. Rinoa grates on my nerves a bit and quistis just has issues.

LagunaLaguna, you meet by "traveling" to the past by dreams. I think he's kinda cool. He's a Galbadian soldier who always gets lost with his squad of KirosKiros and Ward. Anways, he falls in love with Julia, Rinoa's mom, but gets injured and falls in love with Raine who takes care of a little girl named ElloneEllone. Julia in the meantime marries a general guy who was nice to her when she was sad about Laguna's "death". anyways, she dies. Raine dies too and Laguna didn't get a chance to see her before her death. :sniff sniff: but in a short movie sequence at the end you DO get to see him give her a ring and kinda "marry" in a sort of a way. AND you're supposedly supposed to be able to find out that Laguna is actually Squall's dad! funny since Squall really rags on Laguna. guess they've already got the whole father son thing down. Also Laguna heads this resistance group against sorceress Adel(who looks like a guy)in Esthar. He becomes president and Kiros and Ward become the advisors.

Anyways, off to Galbadia to assasinate the sorceress and you meet IrvineIrvine, the "womanizer", who's the sniper who's from the Galbadian garden. The mission goes worng and everyone is captured. Balamb is actually a movable ship/shelter, super slow one, and you move it just in time and end up drifting until you crash into Fisherman's horizon where you see the garden festival, go on a date with rinoa, can screw with the song that Zell, Selphie, Quisitis, and Irvine play, learn to pilot the garden and of course, beat up more Galbadians. The date is funny cause Irvine leaves a dirty magazine as a marker for their seat.

Carbuncle They all go and find out that they all were in the same orphanage but most of them forgot because use of GF's causes memory problems. Irvine hasn't used them as long which is why he still remembers. Edea was actually their matron and she used to be nice and was actually Cid's wife. Edea is actually posessed by Altimecia from the future who wants to take over the world and all time and gain all the power from sorceresses from other times.(pretty good way to get power and world domination) Seifer joins up with the sorceress because he's a misguided guy who wants to fulfill his dream of being a sorceress' knight. Rinoa ends up getting Edea's power and becomes a sorceress and was posessed and made to release the sorceress Adel who was sealed by Laguna and were in the process for sending her off to space. Rinoa gets saved (darn) and they all go to defeat Adel in the Lunatic Pandora. Then they all go to defeat altimecia where she's already beat up the SeeD of that time and she also seals up all your other commands and you have to beat these monsters to get it. (this is where I let out a bunch of explicatives) you beat her and find out that squall goes to the past and meets Edea who actually got her powers from Altimecia and that's how she got the idea for SeeD. Squall gets lost in time and starts to forget and tries to remember rinoa. Me and my aptmate agree, it's kinda freaky cause it seems like he has some sort of unhealthy obcession with her. He falls and goes unconcious and Rinoa finds him (dunno how. magic?) and revives him makes this field bloom with massive amounts of flowers and they lived happily ever after.

Btw, Ellone was the one sending them back in time as Laguna and them and time travel was discovered by professor Odine which is how Squall and them got to the future. Also the reason why Altimecia wanted Ellone. Squall calls her big sis and she's the reason why he wants to be strong. It's a promise thing that he'll be ok when she's gone.

There's also this cute home movie video thing with everyone "after" the big fight. you get to see Irvine check out girls with Selphie's camera, Cid and Edea get back together and she's dressed in her regular clothes instead of that hecka low cut low black dress thing. (is it some sort of sorceress thing or something to wear something that's sooo low cut that you have to wonder how the heck they kept it from revealing more than they wanted to. maybe they have the same sticky tape thing as J-Lo?....) You get to see Zell stuff his face with hot dogs and the girl who has a crush on him sitting with him. he also starts choking. At the end you see rinoa stadning at the balcony and point at soemthing and the battery goes dead. anyways, it's just the same as the first time they met on the ballroom.

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