Final Fantasy IX

Now here's the spoiler filled story summary for final fantasy 9.
The usual turn back before it's too late warning. back!

First off, the game begins with a theater group traveling to Alexandria to perform a play called, "I want to be your canary." (what?) anyways, you start off with ZidaneZidane and the group is called Tantalus with the leader guy as Baku. The actual reason why the group is going to Alexandria is because they were hired to kidnap the princess Garnet.Garnet They get there and find out that the princess actually wanted to leave, and demands they kidnap her, which of course makes things easier. Her uncle King Cid of Lindblum was actually the one who wanted her kidnapped because her mother the queen is turning vicious and was attacking other countries. The queen looks REALLY REALLY ugly. eeew! While they were trying to escape, she attacks them but they escape and crash in the evil forest.

Also, Steiner,Steiner captain of the knights of pluto, he's basically Garnet's bodyguard and leader of all the male part of the millitary appearantly. There's Beatrixbeatrix who's basically the leader of the female part of the millitary. She also kicks butt but unfortunately she fights Zidane and his party by order of the queen. There's also Zorn and Thorn who are court jesters and are pretty much lowlife right hand men to the queen. they also say each other's lines but slightly different. (they're twins) Anyways, Queen Brahma, constantly called the big fat elephant queen(well look at her name!) actually doesn't really care about what happens to Garnet but just wants the royal pendant that she's wearing. she doesn't even care that Garnet is her daughter. Actually adopted daughter....

Garnet is actually adopted because she's actually a summoner like eiko and used to have a horn on her forehead and lived in Madain Sari which was destroyed by this giant red eye. Garnet and her mother were escaping by boat and ended up at Alexandria harbor where the princess just died and Garnet looked just like her so the king and queen decided to adopt her. Her mother died on the trip. They cut off her horn and basically raised her as though she was their natural daughter. Eidolons are actually summoned beings but they live inside her and can't actually be released until she is sixteen or fifteen(forgot). If they are taken out before the person is of that age I think that the person would die and it would be really hard getting them out. They tried to do this to Eiko but Zidane and Co. come to the rescue!

There's also Vivi,Vivi who's a black mage who basically sneaks into the play in Alexandria because he REALLY wanted to see it but finds out the hard way that the ticket that he has is actually a fake. Vivi ends up with Zidane because he ends up on the ship when they escape. Stiener also ends up with them because he was fighting them on the ship while it was flying away.

Anyways, moogles make a comeback here and they have a mail system called Mognet. there's also this traveling moogle named Stilizkin(or something) who sells you stuff at pretty cheap prices. Anyways, moogles are save points and to save in the outer world you actually have to use a moogle whisle to call him. They all fight through the Evil forest but Blank, Zidane's friend, saves them but becomes petrified in the process. They escape and stop by a small village called Dali. The adults of the village are all at work but they're not in the fields but doing something else. They find out that they were actually mass producing black mages using Mist and other stuff. Mist is this foggy stuff which is actually the by product of the Iilifa tree that does something with souls or something. Vivi goes through an existential crisis and wonders about himself. They find out that the mages are made and shipped to Alexandria and decide to hijack the ship and go to Linblum instead. Of course Steiner has other ideas and tries to do the "right thing" by returning the princess but they get attacked by these REALLY powerful black mages called "Waltzes" who try to kick their butt. 1st one appeared at the ice cavern on the way to Dali, 2nd tried to stop them at Dali, and the 3rd one tries to stop them while on the ship. there's also this dramatic thing where he blasts the ship and some of the barrels of mages drop out and fall and some of the "live" ones also die. :sniff: They get through the Falcon gate onto Lindblum lands and escape barely and damage the gate by basically forcing the 3rd Waltz to crash.

At Lindblum, they find out that Cid was turned into a oglop, a jumpy bug, and it also has a mustashe. He was turned this way because his wife Hilda saw him hitting on a girl at the bar so she turned him into a bug and ran off with the newest airship the Hildegard. He's tried to look for her but can't find her and can't build another airship because thinking as an oglop is not quite the same and he can't be changed back unless the person who cast the spell is there to remove it. There you meet Freya who's a lancer rodent person who's looking for her fiancee lord Fratley.

FreyaFreya is from this place called Burmecia where it always rains. Lord fratley left to travel the world so that he could get stronger so that he could help better protect the king or something like that. Anyways, she's meets him when they go to Cleyra after traveling to Burmecia after getting word in Lindblum that they were being attacked by these black mages. They were about to leave Garnet at Lindblum but she drugged everyone and ran off to Alexandria with Steiner to find out what is going on with her mom. They go to find out that the king and queen have already escaped and they also get their butts kicked by Beatrix. Also you meet this Qu named Quina. I think it's a guy but I'm not sure cause of the clothes and they ALWAYS refer to it as "he/she" because even the people in the game aren't sure what it's sex is. (a Qu is this giant big thingy that uses enemy magic but only after she's learned them by eating the enemy) oh, Beatrix leaves them to crawl around in pain there. You also meet KujaKuja who's this mysterious person who's kinda pulling the queen's strings. (at first I couldn't tell if it was a he or she because they kept referring him as a HE but HE looked so much like a SHE because like my apartmentmate said, "then he must have some PRETTY good hips for a guy!" He's dressed pretty skimpy looks pretty feminine and I'm glad there's no full body close ups. o_o) Anyways, they go to Cleyra which was a sister city of Burmecia which is basically a giant tree surrounded by a big sand storm. Anyways, they(villans) distracted Zidane and Co and stop the sandstorm which gave them an opening to let black mages in and attack ppls. while fighting, Lord fratley appears and saves them. but her doesn't remember anything at all and was with Puck, the prince and person who snuck Vivi into the play and was basically a brat. It was sad because Freya was trying so hard to find him and now that she does, he doesn't remember her. Of course she gets depressed. soooo annoying!

with Garnet and Steiner, they try to get to Alexandria but get to Treno and meet Garnet's old teacher Tot. He's this owl looking person who looks like he's wearing that fake Groucho Marx type glasses, giant nose, and big mustashe. anyways, they get to Alexandria by a gigant run system(think giant beetle) they also have these little baskets that hang underneath to ride in. They get to Alexandria only to be trapped by Zorn and thorn. they take garnet and plan to take the eidolons from her body.

Zidane's side ends up on the red rose airship, tagged along when the black mages transported, and more story stuff happens and Beatrice isn't too happy about how the queen is. Anyways, they transport to alexandria ahead of the queen cause she just ordered for the execution of Garnet once they get back to Alexandria. They all go to resuce Garnet and again Beatrix challenges them but Zidane et al were able to convince her that she should be with them and not against them. She joins them and they all make their escape except for steiner, beatrix, and freya who stay behind so that the rest can escape. They go by the gigant system and get to the surface where garnet admits she misses the eidolons that were taken from her body. also, they go on this quest thing to gain Ramuh by finding each bit of him and putting together a story. I think it's a small story in an earlier final fantasy. It's just a side quest cause the stones for him are found all over the place.

They go back to Lindblum and they find that Tantalus is back. Then they go to the outer continent and go to a place called Condie Petie. They seem to have a sort of scottish irish type accent. But in order for them to get to the black mage village which they find out about, someone has to get married because only ppls who are married can go that way. So zidane ends up "marrying" Garnet and for some odd reason Vivi and Quina go through the ceremony as well. (huh?) They go to the village and find out that they're like Vivi and that they were able to think independently just all of a sudden. But only one knows about death and the other don't really know. all they know is that sometimes they just stop. They all find out that black mages are just produced from mist and that they're like the genomes. Apparantly, mist is actually just a bunch of souls of all the ppl who have died. The Iifa tree takes these souls and kind of processes them and mist is the byproduct. Anyways, they go to madain sari and find EikoEiko who is one of the last summoners who was raised by moogles. and whenever they group gets into a fight, Garnet sometimes can't concentrate and just doesn't do what she's supposed to do. sooooo annoying.

They all go to the Iifa tree because they know that Kuja will be headed there. They get there and see Brahne attack Kuja with the eidolon but he was able to use this red eye thingy to make it attack her and she dies. They all go back to Alexandria and Garnet is about to be coronated when Kuja attacks them but appearantly she and Eiko have Alexander and were able to fend off the attack by bahamut but then Kuja basically blows up Alexander and destroys Alexandria.

Everyone ends up in Lindblum and Garnet loses her voice and becomes a super sorry character by basically not talking and being too distracted to do commands. ugh. anyways, forgot the sequence of events but well, they all get captured by Kuja who makes then get this thingy from this one city where you can't use magic and get attacked by a ship. silly huh? anyways, he lied to zindane and his group by saying that once they do this they'll save the other half of the group who are being held hostage. he sets off a timed trap and Cid saves them and they escape and Zindane and his group come back and were tricked into giving the thingy to Kuja because they thought that he still had the other ppls. anyways, Zorn and thorn kidnap Eiko and try to extract the rest of the eidolons from her at Mt. something where it was built by an ancient race of moles. anyways, we find out that eiko's best friend Mog is actually an eidolon and has been looking over her for years and basically sacrafices herself to save eiko. Kuja realizes what trance is and deicdes that this is the best way to gain enough power to defeat Garland. Everyone fights Zorn and thorn who are this one giant smushed up monster. They then find Cid's wife who was kidnapped and whose air ship was stolen by cuja. She goes back and cures Cid and tells everyone of Kuja's plan because he was just sooo full of himself he had to tell her all his plans to take over the world(where have we seen this before? geez) Anyways, they find out that he's from another world called Terra and that the way to get there was through the Shinnering isle and to get these mirrors at this one upsidedown castle place. Armarant was stupid and races the group and he beats them but he was stupid enough to get hurt before getting out and Zidane saves him.

They all split up into pairs and pretty much put the mirrors in around the same time. they each run into a guardian from terra sent by Kuja but of course they all beat them. They open up the portal and transport to terra where they meet Zindane's "ppl" called Genomes.(I'm confused about the name but ok...) they're actually like souless puppets made so that once Terra and their planet merges, the souls of terra will have bodies to go into. (don't get it either) Then they meet Garland who explains to Zidane only that he and Kuja are actually brothers and that Zidane is actually supposed to take over for him and that his goal on the other planet was to basically kill everyone. (depresssing...) he goes into denial and his friends have to come get him and to cheer him up. Garland is actually like a guardian of terra and not sure but he can't seem to die. Anyways, another fight with Kuja who discovers the trance and finds out that he will die soon so he basically loses it and goes on a rampage and destroys terra. Everyone escapes and takes the genomes with them and well, Terra is gone so Kuja has to go destroy the other place too cause what's the point of having power if you're going to die so might as well take it with you. So he basically takes over the Ilifa tree and it spits out mist again and the genomes get dropped off at the black mage village where the ppls have finally come to terms with mortality and feel REALLY bad about all the stuff they've done with Kuja because he kinda tricked them into following him by telling them that he knows of a way to let them live forever. They go and fight through to get to him at the Iifa tree and of course beat him. Then there's this "crystal" being thingy that tries to destroy the world and is amazed by the determination of the group to save the world. kinda cheesy actually. anyways, they beat him and excape cause the tree starts to attack them but Zidane stays behind to try to save Kuja case he believes that he would have done the same. Then there's this really cool sequence where he goes to the center to find him and there's this whole matrix type thingy where the camera freezes and pans around before starting again. This is where Zidane plunges down, passes by Kuja who is unconcious, and pretty much goes splat onto the ground. he's ok though. Then he goes to him and has this whole conversation thing about why he came back and etc. Anyways, Kuja is actually the misguided villan(sephiroth maybe? he does have the silvery type hair and a white claok jaket thingy) and the tree then attacks them with a big BOOM right after Kuja dies. then it shows how everyone turned out.

Vivi has kids(I have no idea how. heck, how can you tell which are female or they have other ways of reproduction?!!) Freya ends up with fratley who kinda falls in love with her again.(I think it kinda sucks for her though) Quina becomes a cook in Alexandria I think. Aramant ends up with Lani, the other bounty hunter at the beginning who was hired to get the princess. Stiener ends up with Beatrix who was going to quit but ending staying because of him. Eiko was adopted by Cid and his wife. didn't see that coming but I guess in a way I should've. At first they kept making it seem that Zidane was actually dead cause it seemed like awhile since the last fight. I mean, vivi with a bunch of kids? wouldn't that kinda take awhile to happen? So they all meet at Alexandria where Garnet is now queen(I still hate her REALLY bad cheesy name of Dagger) They're doing "I want to be your canary" by Tantalus(Zidane's theatre group) and now I realize that the play isn't as bad as it sounds from the title(I mean come on, a canary?! what's up with THAT?!) and of course Zidane does his surprise reappearance on the stage cause during the whole time his character was in this huge monk type cloak. and you get a sweet ending where Garnet runs to hug him. thank god they didn't kiss. and of course they pretty much lived happily ever after. YAY!

The End
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