Adventure of the Mini Goddesses- This is a spin off of Ah (oh) my Goddess. Except for the minor detail that they are all super small. But like the intro to each episode says, "They used their power to make ppl happy. One of these powers is the ability to make themselves small." Or something like that. (Don't ask...) there's also this rat that they kinda use as a sort fo guinea pig in a way. They just mainly abuse it and other things. Like one time when they went to look for treasure. They had this cool stuff to protect themselves with but Gen(the rat)pretty much had a modified cell phone whose best move is to make communication very clear. It's more like a silly little anime but quite entertaining.

Ah(oh) My Goddess-The reason for the ah and oh is mainly cause I see it in both ways and I might as well include both. This anime is about a guy who helps a goddess named Belldandy. And I think that since he helped her she decided to grant one wish. but of course he's satisfied and doesn't want a wish. So she decided to some live with him and eventually her sisters, Skuld and Urd, come and live with the guy as well. And next comes your common type anime comedy type chaos.(like Tenshi) and of course there's a romantic connection between Belldandy and the guy. For some reason it's really popular with guys. There's a movie or two out and they're ok. The animation looks pretty though.

Akazukin Chacha-Cute little anime. Has a little blond girl with a red hood name Chacha. Lives with her teacher who kinda has a little psychological prob named Seravi.(it involves a puppet)And this cute little wolf boy (forgot name) It's mainly about magic and that Chacha is actually a princess whose kingdom and parents were taken away by your typical evil villian bent on domination and power.(duh) And it's also a bit of a magical girl thing cause she transforms and I think the boys that are with her(inc. wolf boy)kinda transform. The episode guides make it pretty funny sounding but I just have a bit of a presonal thing against the stupid transforming. But I do have to admit it's a pretty cute and funny anime.

Angelique- It's actually a dating type game where it's the girl going after the guy. there's some manga and an anime. There's basically 2 girls(Rosalia and Angelique) trying for the role of queen of the universe. The "main" girl is Angelique. The point is that they're competing to be queen of the universe and to win, you need to have your "own" planet place have the most ppl(like sim city) and there are 9 guardian angels(guys) that give your land a specific power. It seems kinda interesting, although I don't think I'll ever have the patience to do the whole thing. most likely I'll turn it into some BIG soap opera. I mean, 1 girl and 9 guys?!(very cute ones too!) you should see the love polygons that I have playing the Sims. I mean. I have one married girl who's with this other guy behind her husband's back and HE goes with this other girl behind HER back and THAT girl lives at the same house and SHE hates the wife and of course there's some other ppl who like those ppls and so on. um, anyways...

Ayashi no Ceres-Another anime by Watase Yuu. It's about a girl named Aya who gets these special powers because she is descended from a woman named Ceres who was a (forgot will fill blank in later)who was "forced" to marry a guy who stole her feather cape thingy and thus preventing her from returning to heaven. They got married had kids and someway or another she vows to kill all the ppls descended from the guy. This is why she shows up in girls in the family every now and then and that the girls all get killed once they see her showing signs of power. Aya has the strongest amount of power and (this really sucks) was shot at by her grandfather on her bday. oh, I mean shot at by the men HIRED by her grandfather. (My friend got technical on me) The grandfather also forced Aya's own father to shoot her but he doesn't and tries to kill his own father but is shot to death in front of Aya. (smart..) she gets ticked off and Ceres kicks in and blows up the building. unfortunately the grandfather lives. Anyways, they hired a guy who looks like a cross of Tamahome and Hotohori to follow Aya and capture her for scientific study. Aya is saved by a person with similar powers and a guy who looks like an older amiboshi(or suboshi, whichever you like) and Aya returns to herself only if she's kissed. To make it short, her family cuts her off from her twin brother Aki cause he's the reincarnation of the guy who got Ceres and Ceres will come and kill him. (he dies anyways but not because of Ceres) Aya is basically isolated from her entire family and BOTH her parents were killed. and Tooya(the Tama and hotohori cross)leaves in the end, but I'd rather not screw up the ending for you. yet... It's a nice anime but it's guanteed to get you ticked off. just like Fushigi Yuugi.(note*- all names not explained are from fushigi yuugi)


Ayashi.net good site with manga translations as well.

Azumnga Daioh-This is just a weird and completely silly anime. The ppls all have some sort of "problem." Chiyo is a ten year old girl who skipped a bunch of grades. She also has a dog that she can ride on. Osaka has her nickname because she was from Osaka and seems very "out of it." Tomo is this super hyperactive girl that wants to do everything but really sucks. Sakaki is really tall and appearantly likes fuzzy things but cats REALLY hate her for some odd reason. The teachers themselves aren't very normal either.... anyways, since I don't watch alot of this, see this site for a bit more. Azumanga review site



Bakaretsu Hunters-See
Sorcerer hunters


Card Captor Sakura-Kind of your typical magical girl anime with a few twists. It's about a girl who accidentally opens a book with some cards called clow cards and reads the first card called "windy." This causes a wind to blow and for all the cards to scatter all over Japan. Then pops out Keroberos, the guardian of the cards who just happened to fall asleep for 30 years who looks like this REALLY cute little stuffed animal bear with wings. (He's actually a lion) There's her best friend Tomoyo who has to film her during everything (I swear she's got something for Sakura) There's her really cute brother,(Touya) who basically works everywhere and can do your everyday type of chores! (isn't that just the perfect guy!!^_^ heehee) OH her father is pretty cool too cause he's a college prof and can cook really well. There's Li Shaoran(he has the same exact name as Bruce Lee. HAHAH!) who's basically Sakura's rival and also likes the same guy as Sakura(Yukito)I personally don't see what's so great cause he's soooo feminine!! but it's a magic thingy or something. He likes Sakura in the end so it's ok. There's Shaoran's "fiancee" Lee Meilin who is all over Shaoran and is also his cousin. His family is descended from the Clow Reed(whatever) (the guy who made the cards and invented the magic used with it. Let's just say he was pretty dang powerful) So everyone is able to do magic, except Meilin who can only fight and bacially tags along and ruins the card capturing that sakura and Li are doing. But so far, Sakura had to be judged by Yue, actually Yukito(that means that "he's" an "it") on whether or not she was qualified as owner of the cards. her substitute teacher Mizuki who was also involved with her brother while he was in middle school and she was his sub. (::shudder:: eeew!) But she is really powerful and basically used that bell she carries all over the place to give Sakura a second chance to beat Yue. Also, each card that Sakura captures is used to make other magic. i.e Windy can be used to make wind or hold back a card with wind and fly makes her capture staff fly. Also she's the only one who can transform the cards back to their card state but if someone else can capture them long enough for her to change it back then it goes to the person who caught it. which is why Li gets some cards(he gets his butt kicked by Yue). Touya has a bit of magic because he can see things which other ppls can't, which explains why he can see their dead mother and possibly why he always stares at Kero(Keroberos) funny. Kero also REALLY likes to eat and gets mistreated by Li and Meilin by being called a stuffed animal and other stuff. In the next season, you find out that Sakura can't use the cards anymore because she has to use her own magic to transform them into "sakura cards." She also has a new staff thingy. A new "villan" shows up. His name is Eriol and he's actually the reincarnation of Clow and he has his own two guardians. One is a black cat, Suki, and the other is a "girl" who goes to Tooya's high school and basically is in "love" with him and also harasses Yukito cause she can see what he is but he doesn't know what he is yet. Yue is also getting weaker because he "feeds" off Sakura's magic but it's not quite enough and if he doesn't get enough he will disappear. It explains why Yukito eats even MORE than before. Which is why Touya gives him all of his magic power and he now has completely no magic at all. and disturbing enough, Yukito likes Touya and he loves him as well. eeeeew.:shudder: Anyways, changing the cards takes alot of energy from Sakura and she usually falls asleep after doing it but eventually stops doing it. Meilin goes back home(thank god) and Li is about to but then Eriol comes in and he gets jealous of him and Sakura so he stays and tells Sakura to call him whenever something happens. would tell the rest but that would really ruin the ending. maybe later.... ^_^ But this anime is cool but better if watched subbed(subtitled) cause it's completely messed up in the American tv version. the best lines are altered or completely deleted with the scene. ugh! Not to mention they didn't get very good voice actors either...
1st Movie- Sakura and Tomoyo go to Hong Kong and meet Li's family. They also meet some bitter spirit annoyed about Clow. Appearantly he was quite popular with the women. hmm...

2nd Movie- It's about this card that was created to balance the other cards. It's as powerful as the entire deck and causes stuff to disappear and leaves great big holes. It's a loneliness card or something. It's a continuation of the last season where Sakura hasn't told Li how she feels about him yet eventhough he told her.


Di gi Charat- From what my friend tells me, it's a story about how these cat type ppl try to invade earth but somehow mess up and end up trying to survive on earth. They have some sort of store to make money but I think they constantly mess up. The characters are VERY cute ^_^ and they have speech quikes in which they say a certain word after every word or sentence. I know one says "genma" all the time. Also Genma happens to be this weirdo giant smily blob that's upside down. There's also this weird blue onion(yes blue onion) that walks around and stuff. The episodes are sort and I tihnk there's some sort of special that's slightly longer. (btw, if there's anything wrog it's all my friend's fault)

DNA^2-It's about this girl(Karin) from the future who goes back in time to stop the mega playboy by changing his DNA before it kicks in. When she finds him (his name is Junta and I swear his hair is like a dragon ball dude), he is actually a loser with girls who pukes when looking at the anatomy of a girl. kinda like how some characters get bloody noses, except that he pukes. Well, she messes up by taking the wrong bullet to change his DNA and actually kinda accelerates it. Then she's ordered to keep an eye on him. And here you see Junta switch back and forth and that no girl can resist his mega playboy form except for the girl accross the street(sorry momentary amnesia) The future finally sends the bullet she was supposed to use but by this time she like Junta and doesn't really want to mess with his DNA but she misses again and this means that when she gets back to the future she willl have to be killed cause it's really expensive to send ppl to the past and stuff. She hits A guy named Rui(or whatever) and since he REALLY hates Junta cause his girlfriend dumped him for Junta. This bullet gives him the power to change appearance and absorb DNA. So he goes psychopathic and becomes super strong and wants to beat up Junta but he beats him and they find out that the bullet was messed with and the whole thing was part of a bigger more evil sort of plan. (as usual) it's pretty good but I wouldn't advise younger kids to be around when watching some parts...^_^;;

Doraemon-It has this robot cat that's blue and has this super cool pouch that it can pull stuff out of. There's this cool door it can pull out that goes where ever you want! there's the boy that lives with him, one friend that's a girl and 2 guys that are like your typical bullies. One's the muscle and one's the "brains". It's a cool anime and it's been around for awhile with lots of movies. It's still going strong with lots of merchandise. I would type the names but I don't really know it cause I've only seen it in Chinese and I obviously only know the names in chinese. OF course I WILL post updates on this summary. But this is an anime that's not too bad to watch. Of course there's lots of manga that's based on it or vice versa.

Dragon Ball- This is a loosely based story of the monkey god. (See info desk for help) It's no coincidence that Goku has a tail and could transform into a monkey type monster. Anyways, there's a bunch of seasons of this and it all invovles him getting stronger. There's Z and GT and a bunch of movies. Very popular with guys and one that most people know about. I just know the main idea and sorry, but the whole fighting thing is kinda boring for me. They're all freaking busting to the seams with muscles! Since the whole "the world will end unless Goku comes to save the day by becoming stronger than before!" (oh surprise....), I didn't really bother with this anime. But it's hard to avoid and NOT know what it's about. It's an ok anime but I guess if you're a guy, you'd probably really like it. There's also a bunch of video games on the same sort of story.

Dragon Half-this is a comedy about a girl(Mink) who is half human and half dragon. Her father is a knight who was supposed to kill the dragon that was her mother but instead fell in love with her and married her. They can transform. there's this idol guy she loves called Dick Saucer(I think he totally sucks.=P)he always goes around with a mic and is supposed to be the best fighter and dragon slayer. The king wants to kill Mink's dad so that he could marry her mother but somehow it evolved into trying to kill mink.(totally doesn't make sense how we got to that point. but then again nothing in this anime quite makes sense) Well, the end song is quite interesting as well, you're pretty much left wondering "what?" cause the song is just a bunch of nonsense and something about eggs.... This is a great short anime to laugh at but right now I'm having trouble trying to find the other episodes.