El Hazard
-The main plot of this is about a guy named Makoto who is transported to a world called El Hazard. The version I saw had Infurita(details later)send him there. Later on other ppls get transported there(can't remember how) One guy(Jinnai) is REALLY competitive and hates Makoto cause he always barely does better than him in everything. He's psychotic and has a laugh that goes higher and higher each time he takes a breath. (It's weird that the voice actor is same person for Yuu in Marmalade boy and Innova in Rayearth) his special power is talking to the giant bugs there called the Bugrom. He ends up trying to take over the place where Makoto is staying at. Nanami is his sister and is a mercernary and I think she and Makoto like each other but they don't really know about it. anyways, she can see things as they truly are; she can see through illusions. They all end up in a kingdom where Rune Venus is the queen type person. (she sucks) Makoto ends up taking the place of the kidnapped princess(Fatora) cause he looks like her he. He gets this cool cat armor that's actually a VERY flexible and bullet proof cat(Ura). Alielle is this scary lesbian girl of Fatora's who hangs around and comes onto almost any female.(ick!) Infurita is this powerful android type person cause she has a key that winds her up and she obeys the person who has the key. (unfortunately it was Jinnai at first) There's 3 goddesses, fire(Shayla Shayla), water(Miz), and wind(Afura). There is also the teacher(Fujisawa)has superhuman powers only if his system is clean(no alcohol or cigarettes)Which isn't often... anyways, they save the world from these shadow ppls and stop them from activating the eye of god (I think it's like a giant nuclear bomb)Makoto's power is the ability to use ancient artifacts(i.e. Eye of God)they save Fatora from the Bugrom. she's an ungrateful bitch. anyways, it's pretty cool. Unfortunately in another series of this Infurita has dark hair rather than the lavender color that I saw and she's a ditz(which I don't really want to see.

El Hazard-the Alternate world- I think this is another version of the original older El Hazard, not sure though.

-Well, I think the end totally sucks! Hitomi is a girl who gets transported to Gaea(planet between earth and moon. She meets Van when he comes crashing to her world chasing after a dragon that he kills and takes the heart stone from it. She also has the power to see the future and see through the stealth cloaks that the evil army has. Van is a king and he controls this armor(giant robot) called Escaflowne. The dragon's heart is used as an energy source for it and Van bleeds on the stone before putting it in because it's a "blood contract."which means that any injuries that Escaflowne gets, Van gets as well. He also can't really heal from his injuries unless Escaflowne is fixed up as well. Van's country,Fanellia, gets burned down and destoryed by that evil army and somehow Hitomi transports them to Allen Schezar's(whatever)fort on the outskirts of the neighboring country. Merle(cat girl who's in love with Van and VERY jealous of Hitomi)appears with news and sticks to Van. Allen has an armor called Scherzade(dunno) and they get attacked and flee to the capitol on the Crusade(this flying boat with floating rocks) There Allen meets the princess who's a younger sister of the one Allen loved. oh, Hitomi also likes Allen cause he reminds her of this guy she has a crush on. The princess joins them cause the capitol is attacked and they go from place to place cause they get attacked cause they're after Escaflowne cause Dornkirk(main dude of evil empire)wants Escaflowne cause it's the only thing that will ruin his plans. Also, the princess is engaged to a rich playboy named Dryden(he's kinda cool) he helps them out and is super rich. he also shells out the money to fix up Escaflowne cause they needed the ppls who made it, they look like the Jawas from Star Wars, who are a LOT more technologically advanced than anyone on Gaea. Escaflowne has this button to call them in it, it was kinda funny. There's these twin cat women who go after Escaflowne cause they love Folken and would do anything for him. It's kinda sad they die because of an experiment gone wrong and they would have gotten Escaflowne. Evil shriveled up emperor guy has this destiny machine that alters the future. Also Van's cast away older brother, Folken is working for him because he couldn't kill a dragon and his arm torn off by it. There's a psychotic person who's a pretty fruity guy(Dilandu) who is actually Allen's long lost sister who had a LOT of experiments done on her. He/she went through the whole anime chasing after them cause it wanted to kill Van and/or Hitomi cause his(at that moment)beautiful face was cut. "It" also liked to have cute guys working for him/her(they were pretty cute. ^_^) Folken dies trying to kill Dornkirk(evil emperor guy) in the end. The sword breaks when it goes through the body and comes out to stab Folken.(sooo screwed up!) anyways, Allen ends up with the princess(he's also father to the dead sister princess's son, doesn't it sound a little incestuous. they're not blood related but eew!) and Hitomi ends up going home eventhough she and Van like each other and it's all ok to them.(stupid stupid ending!!)

The Movie- Hitomi is this suisidal person whom Folken transports to Gaea to help him destroy it. She ends up being the "goddess of wings(what the hell?)" who can destory or save Gaea. Van is this mean moody guy and Allen just looks messed up. They go around in this giant cart thing and Escaflowne can be made to disappear(useful way of storage) they don't use it for a really long time cause Hitomi doesn't know how she made it disappear(I got confused about who actually made it disappear) Dryden almost looks the same but is kinda weird. The princess was just plain scary. she looks different and is dressed like a slut. Merle is the same(thank god.I think) the twin cat girls made a cameo as lounge singers. Dilandu is actually a guy and a lot saner. The armors not common and it's just plain nasty cause they're connected to the driver's veins::shudder:: Folken is evil and wants to destory Gaea. He has this weird prophet girl and I am confused as heck as to who she is. He dies and Gaea is saved and Hitomi goes home less suisidal. (compared to the series, this movie is confusing and it sucks soooo very much. =P)

A mecha type anime. haven't watched it(too lazy) but most people say it's pretty good and a bit depressing.(I guess...but what mecha anime doesn't have that?) Main idea is that it's about a battle between ppl and "angels" (not sure) but I think that the angels want to destory the world(or ppl) and that's why the people are fighting against these angels. I think they also have really good mecha. I think the only people who can pilot the machines for the side of humanity are supposed to be really good in psychological power or something. or I could be mixing this up a bit with Sakura Wars. (sorry! will fix sometime)



Final Fantasy(the anime)-Main plot-Guy named Pretz goes with girl(Linaly)and they go take the wind stone. Their world has 4 crystals that basically control the world and 4 kingdoms that protect them. Earth, fire, wind, and water. The main evil dude has the other 3. They get captured by the airforce ppls of this kingdom that controls the wind crystal and then they're attacked and taken by some pirates with the main person named Rouge. They go to the kingdom Tycoon(stupid name I think) and they get a dragon there that takes them to where the evil guy is. oh, the wind crystal has this ability to hide in ppls bodies, it hid in linaly's butt for a long time.-_-; anyways, they go and beat the evil guy and save the world. I'd like to add that Linaly has this weird ability to summon weird pink featherless ostriches. they're kinda scary looking and it could be a scrawny and very badly tortured chocobo with all its feathers plucked, who knows? This is supposed to be adapted from ff5 (as another friend told me therefore I must kill the friend who told me it was #3) All in all, this anime is ok. but sometimes it's just a bit weird, or maybe it was because I saw the dubbed version.

Flame of Recca
- this is about a guy who finds out that he's actually from the past who was sent forward by his mother(Kage Houshi) who is now cursed to live forever for using the magic used to send Recca to the future. He's also descended from a line of flame masters who are people who can summon flame dragons from their arm. He also has this psychotic half brother named Kurei who really IS a bastard. He can't summon up flame dragons but he CAN summon up a phoenix and this girl he loved who his adopted dad killed in front of him. He's in the future cause he followed Recca cause he wanted to kill him which is why Recca always wears this bandaid on his face. Anyways, the dragons are actually previous flame masters that have died. about 7 or 9 of them, the last one is actually Recca's dad who is a total bastard cause he doesn't really want to join Recca. The dragons actually choose their master. Kurei tries to take them from Recca or something I think and he gets really badly burnt. Anyways, Recca and his friends have some sort of elemental weapon. Mikagami(sooo cool) has this water sword which he can do a LOT of stuff with, Domon is basically the buff muscle guy, Fuuko has this wind gauntlet with the main center jewel missing. the other four are actually these fuzzy thingys which have very strong wind attacks, this little girl that used to be on Kurei's side, Yanagi/"hime" who is basically tortured and used as a betting chip for the tournament because of her ability to heal, Kaoru is this boy who used to think of Kurei as a brother but got disillusioned and joined Recca, He has this cool weapon that transforms into 5 forms. Kouran Mori is Kurei's adopted dad who is evil and SICK. He made Rurei into a cold killer and is obsessed with immortality, that's why he's after Hime, and he has some serious mental issues. This anime is pretty good, mostly fighting and kinda funny.

Fruits basket
- This is a pretty good anime about a girl named Tohru and these people who are cursed with the spirits of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. There's Shigure, he's like the babysitter of Yuki and Kyo and is also a novelist who also does romance books. he is a dog. Yuki is the bishonen guy who is chased by all the girls in the school. he even has a fan club and he always fights with kyo. he's a mouse. Kyo is kind of the outcast of the family because he is a cat. and everyone knows that there's no year of the cat but as the story goes, the mouse tricked the cat that the party to initiate who will become part of the zodiac will be on another day. So while everyone else went to Buddha's party and became part of the zodiac, the cat was sleeping at home. Anyways, the reason why it is a curse is because everytime a person of the opposite sex hugs them, they turn into their animal. There's also a head of the family named Akito. He's a messed up jerk and me and my friends are trying to figure out why he's even head of the family cause he's not THAT powerful and we don't believe that he even changes into one of the animals. also there's this really sad story about Hatori(dragon but turns into a sea horse because in japanese sea horse is son of Dragon=) he's only about 8cm and his family just makes fun of it.) The entire jyuujinshi(I think that's how it's spelled) lives at this HUGE compound and this family is very big but only 13 ppl have the curse. Also, when one family member hugs another of the opposite sex, they do not change into their respective animal. I think it's only another of the jyuujinshi because Hatori was hugged by this girl from a distant part of the family and he was turned into a seahorse. Anyways, so far, there's this thing with Tohru and Kyo. They both like her but we don't know who she likes yet. She's also housekeeper for them cause they can't cook OR clean. it's quite sad. But at least it wasn't like before when she was living in a tent on their property. now THAT is sad. But in each episode they pretty much meet a new member of the family. She also has these weird friends with one that is psychic and senses electricity and freaks everyone out and the other is a girl that used to be in a gang until Tohru's mother saved her. BTW, the mother is dead which is why she's living in a tent and also cause her family are total jerks(except for her grandfather) and just keep dissing on her AND her mother. anyways, This is a REALLY good anime and worth watching. so go and watch it. ^_^

- This is a weird anime about a guy who has this weird depressive pyromanic friend, a "wasp" lady that is pretty nuts, a GIANT iron that no one anywhere knows what it does and the guy has this giant bump on his forhead which basically grows and becomes some sort of robot. Weird. I mean a guy that gets a bump on his forhead and then it just grows until some giant robot just comes out. Very weird but strangely addicting. It's more of a guy anime and a cult favorite. haven't seen much of it cause my idiot friend is holding out on me. dang it. anyways, this is an anime worth checking out. no harm done except that you may get very confused and/or distrubed.

Fushigi Yuugi-

wanna see what seishi you'd end up as? then click here and find out

here's a site with some songs from it. it's from a single of THTC.(Tamahome, Hortohori, Tasuki, Chichiri) here! sorry they're not mp3's but at least you now know what to look for


Grave of the Fireflies
-depressing anime. set in the WW II era and it involves 2 kids. that's all I know so far


Hana Yori Dango
: Main point: it's about a poor girl,Tsukushi, in a rich preppy school. She's there cause of a scholarship. The school is "run" by four of the richest and most popular guys called the F4. The name is SUPER cheezy cause it stands for flower/flowery 4. the 4 is obvious but the flower part is a bit of a cultural gap. even for me and I pretty much know my asain stuff. (I should!) anyways, she falls in love with the main leader guy, Doumyoji who actually liked her a LOT first but it's kinda cause she reminds him a bit of his sister. She was violent towards him and so is Tsukushi. His friends also suggest it might be some sort of sick sister complex. anyways and there goes the dramatic stuff with problems admitting their feelings, cold hearted mom trying to separate them every chance she gets, and they don't REALLY get together till the end. which I heard they get married or something like that. dunno. there's issues like hazing of poor and new kids, drunken high school parties, and unnecessary need to go to classes at all. REALLY! You don't see them go to class that often! anyways, this is an ok anime and the animation isn't that great. but it has its amusing points and it's fun to laugh at it. might I remind you it's laugh AT it not WITH it. The manga version is a bit better cause you don't have funky stuff like that marriage thing but sometimes you just really REALLY want to strangle the main characters and the mom.


Hana Yori Dango Project

Happy Lesson- I have no idea what the heck this is about. For some odd reason, there's this guy who's living alone but 5 teachers from school moved in and are determined to be the best mom. why? I have no idea. Also there's this class president girl that is interested in him. This was based on a dating game from Japan.

Hikaru no Go- This anime is just not all that interesting to me. It's just an anime about a guy who plays the game "go." It's kind of like checkers with black and white stones and more strategy. There's also this other guy who I thought was a girl because he dresses in Heian(Japanese period) type clothes and he just looks like he's wearing a dress...also has long hair. But story is the basic "I want to be the best (fill in thte blank)!" but if you like it, it's your business.

Hime Chan's Ribbon
: MAGICAL GIRL anime! This girl transforms with the help of a magical ribbon and she goes to save the world so that she can become princess of her world(I think....)

Houshin Engi- dunno actually

houshin engi site: www.housin.net


Inu Yasha
-The main girl is named Kagome, she lives at a shrine with her grandfather. There's a bunch of wells lying around on the shrine property. one day she gets pulled into a well by this centipede lady(really nasty looking) and she turns up in the past. anyways, Inu Yasha is a half dog demon half human. he and lots of demons were after the shikon jewel which amplifies their power. Inuyasha was sealed to a tree with an arrow shot by a miko named Kikyo who was a great archer and looks like Kagome. She frees him cause she's being chased by the centipede lady who finds out that SHE has the jewel inside her side(it's cause she's the reincarnation and that when the other girl died she was burnt along with the jewel so that she could take it with her and protect it from falling into evil hands) anyways, it gets torn out and Inu Yasha goes after it after killing the centipede lady. Kaede, sister of Kikyo who is really old now, puts this rosary on him so that Kagome can control him and the only word she could think up of at the time was "sit." When she says this Inuyasha gets smacked down to the ground face first by the rosary. It's funny cause she does it on accident every now and then. well, it IS "sit." When a crow takes over this body and attacks and takes the jewel, Kagome saves this boy and shoots an arrow which also shatters the jewel which causes an even BIGGER giant free-for-all for the jewel. Also they're joined by this monk named Miroku, who was cursed with a black hole in his left hand that will get bigger and eventually suck him in. It was done by this demon Naraku(hell) who also caused the death of Kikyo and the sealing of Inuyasha by pretending to be inuyasha and fatally wounding Kikyo such that after she shot the arrow that she died. The monk is a corrupted monk, he's a lech and uses things to his advantage, such as stealing all the stuff in this one house that he was dispelling a demon from. Shippo is a little fox-boy demon who they save and who follows them everywhere. Shingo is the last of a tribe of demon hunters who has this fire fox animal named Kirara. Her entire tribe was killed off by Naraku and her brother is kinda like this zombie or mind controlled doll of Naraku. This THE anime to watch.

There are also two movies out. 1st one is about these moth/butterfly demons from China that were sealed but accidentally relased. This movie is still playing in Japan(well, not on video yet) and there's a second one but I'm not sure what it's about yet.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor
- well, it's pretty funny eventhough the anime is kinda old. Tylor is this REALLY lucky guy, and I mean lucky, who somehow becomes captain of a space battle ship that's a dumping ground for millitary rejects. somehow he defeats the enemies and always finds a way to come out of bad situations without a scratch. it's either REALLY good luck or he really is brilliant. it's hard to tell sometimes.... He also becomes the pet of the princess of the enemy for awhile and there's this whole thing with the princess liking him and stuff.

OAVs- there are OAVs out there. it's just not as big, it's more of a after the last battle sort of thing. The war isn't over and right now they're just going through a truce. Tylor has also decided on going around with sunglasses alot.