Kamekaze Kaitou Jeanne-Your typical magical girl anime. It's a story about a girl who becomes a sort of an incarnation of Joan of Arc and "steals" works of art. These works of art are actually demons or evil(duh!) and she uses her magic pins and the guidance of a magical fairy to capture and transform these monsters. of course these monsters affect the owner of the work of art it is occupying. A kind of a Sailor Moon type situation.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo(karekano or his and her circumstance)-Pretty good anime. Like Marmalade Boy without the super insecure girlfriend and weird parents. It's about Yukino, the perfect model student outside but super slob at home, and Arima, her cute boyfriend, Arima, has some BIG psychological problems. All I have to say though is that this anime went downhill near the end. They keep talking about this play that they're going to do for the school festival but you never get to see it. Arima's psychological issues get worse(he goes stalker/controlling person) and there's even this one episode where there was NO realy animation but with paper figures stuck on sticks. I'm sorry but I laughed at this whole episode cause it was just soooo stupid. I mean, Miyazawa actually bursts into flame when she gets embarassed. and there's this one episode with no point at all where her sisters get involved in this whole lesbian love thing. GEEZ! and during the whole time you want to see what happens next. and it doesn't help that Tsubasa turns into an unhuman animal for the rest of the series.

Kenshin(see Rurouni Kenshin)

Kodomo no Omocha(kodocha)- It's about this super hyperactive child star's life. She considers her manager to be her "pimp" (you'll have to watch to know the whole thing) and sings when she's happy sad or whatever. Sing as in oh my god super hyperactive singing. She basically bounces off the walls. There's guy who she wages war against at first then later sympathsizes and more. (gotta watch for yourself to find out the details. ^_^) Also, her mom is a famous writer who lets a squirrel live in her hair and leads on her publisher and basically runs away from him in a little car that she drives around the house. Watch for the Babitt(bat+rabbit)that runs around everywhere in the anime.

Kogepan- This anime is just plain weird and has completely no point to it. It's the popular character of a sanrio type company and is basically a burnt piece of bread. He is basically depressed cause he's burnt and not a "pretty bread." They also get drunk on milk and drink a lot of it. He also has some friends who are also burnt pieces of bread. Like cream pan who always cleans him up everytime he attempts to be a pretty bread. This is actually just really short about 15min episodes. It seems like there's going to be a moral to the story, but there isn't. It's a ok anime but it's actually kind of fun to watch it with friends and complain about how weird and funny it is(in its own way.)

kurogane communication- This is about a girl who suvived some apocalyptic blast and has a bunch of robots hanging around her. There doesn't seem to be much of anybody else who survived to far. but I only saw a few episodes. They're really short, about 15min long. It's kind of interesting to watch. it's brought over to the US so you'd most likely have to buy it to see it. unless you can find it online of course.


Lodoss Wars (Record of)-

Love Hina-It's an anime that's getting more popular mostly among guys.(not sure why. heck at AX guys kept trying to buy these "life sized" cardboard ad cutouts of Naru. freaky...) It's about this guy, Urashima Keitaru who ends up being the manager of girls dorm called Hinata Inn. He's slightly perverted but is very determined to get into Tokyo U because of this promise he made when his was a little kid to go with this girl so that they will fall in love and stuff and live happily ever after as long as they get into Tokyo U together. She moves away and he never sees her again but he wants to get in so that he can see her again. At the Inn he gets beat up pretty often. There is almost no episode in which he goes without being hit by her(Narusegawa Naru) or attacked by one of the other girls. Konno Mitsune is the mercernary one and you never really see her eyes. Kaolia Suu is the weird not mentally grown up one. She almost kills and destroys the inn a couple of times with her inventions. Aoyama Mokoto is the VERY Japanese traditional dressed and mannered and blasts ppl with her ki(chi whatever) with her sword. Maehara Shinbu is your basic shy person and best cook. Urashima Haruka is the aunt that doesn't really help him. They esp like to pick on him. It's a pretty funny anime and there's also this weird turtle that meows all the time and can fly. It's a REALLY weird turtle...but kinda cute. Also at the end of the series, 1st season as far as I know, there's an introduction of a new girl who could be the girl that he made a promise with but she wasn't either. Naru wasn't the one either. (they both have similar weirdo hair) There's a bunch of specials and keitaru and Naru get into Tokyo U and as luck would have it, he gets injured and couldn't go to the opening ceremonies. Anyways, there's a whole new other season that's in the process of subbed. there's a lot more "nudity" in the opening song and it's definately looking different... anyways, it's not that bad of an anime. pretty good but not all that great. but then again I'm just a girl and i wouldn't know what I was talking about in reference to this anime. =P


Magic Knights Rayearth(tv and oav)-Typical magic girl type story but with a sort of a darker edge. has some cute guys in it... but then agian what CLAMP anime doesn't?(except CLAMP campus detectives but that's cause they're SUPER young and look like girls!) These 3 go to Cephiro(in the tv version) because they are summoned by the princess, whose prayers are what keeps the world running, to save the world. They learn magic and have mecha to control. Mokona is a totally cute marshmallow bunny thing that has a "jewel" on the top of its head that contains anything that you can think of. They kill off Zagato who is actually the priest and supposed to be responsible for keeping away things that may distract the princess from her prayers. Actually, he and Emeraude fell in love with each other and she basically put herself away so that hopefully she can forget about Zagato. The magic knights have to kill him cause he doesn't want them to kill the princess cause that is the entire purpose of the magic knights. He also made his very own mecha. Well, once he was killed Emeraude just went nuts and tries to kill off the magic knights cause she has her own mecha. (well she DOES create stuff in a way) In the second season they return to Cephiro and find that it is falling apart. Lantis comes in as well as Eagle, Asuka, Tatra and Tarta, and their respective planets. They all want to become pillar for their own reasons. Eagle cause Autozam is VERY polluted, Asuka basically just because, Tatra and Tarta cause Chizeta is REALLY puny and they want more land. Lady Debonair is something made from the fears of the ppl of Cephiro and Nova is her "daughter" who is actually Hikaru's darker side which she separated from during the fight against princess Emeraude. Anyways, Nova basically tries to kill everyone that Hikaru loves and wants Hikaru to herself. There's a love triangle between Umi, Clef, and Ascot. Also, for all those who didn't know, all the guys in this anime are actually named after Japanese cars. Like Eagle friend Geo, full name of Geo metro. I'm sorry but when I first heard this I was just laughing my head off and rolling on the ground.

OAV version- the same ppls but the Cephiro ppls come to earth. Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi have to defeat Eagle in order ro save Earth. Also, Princess Emeraude is the one who wanted to invade earth and Ferio and Ascot are evil and Lantis dies. it was confusing.

Manga version- The story is basically the same but there is no Lady Debonair or Nova. I prefer the manga version cause Eagle doesn't get blasted to dust and Presea is still alive and Umi gets paired with Ascot. You also find out that mokona(bunny eared marshmallow with jewel on its forhead) is actually THE creator of earth and all the stuff in the cephiro system. Obviously ppl have a hard time taking it in. I advise to read the manga version cause I like it better, although I do have issues with Hikaru wanting to "marry" both Eagle AND Lantis. All in all, this is a good story and pretty addicting as well. There IS a reason why this is a pretty popular series.

Mahoromatic- This is an anime about a robot person who was originally built to fight but since the war is over, it was decomissioned and now has a new job as a maid. Don't really know that much about it but I've heard that it's pretty good.

Maho Tsukai Tai(OAV)-It's a story of a magic club in high school that actually does magic. The main girl, Sae, is the most powerful but because of her lack of confidence, she is usually unable to do magic most of the time. The magic club president, Takeo, is a total pervert who also "fantasizes" quite often. Nanaka is Sae's best friend who has a chrush of the VP of the magic club, Aburasato?, who happens to be gay cause he likes Takeo but Takeo like Sae and mostly women in general... I think the third girl is Akane, but she's really popular and is a model and kinda decent in magic. but she never shows up to the meetings. There's also a regular tv type version and it's the continuation of the OAV. The anime is ok, not that great and I don't get why she even likes the guy. I'd have to say that on a scale of 10 with 10 as best, this would be a 4. not great and not THAT bad but I could find something better to do with my time.

Martian Sucessor Nadesco-The movie of the anime Nadesco. Takes place awhile after where the anime left off. Ruri and some of the crew have gone on and she has her own ship. But Akito and the captain of Nadesco(sorry, temporary amnesia) were on their honeymoon when they were kidnapped by the ppl who used to live on Mars(hence the name Martian Sucessor) They do experiments and such on Akito and he escapes and goes for revenge and for his wife cause they now have her in some thing which lets them teleport from place to place. So Ruri and Akito and Co all go and attack those ppls in order to stop the war that the Martian Sucessors have started and to save the captain person. It sucks cause after he saves her and everything, he leaves her. why? I don't know. I think the movie sucked compared to the series. I'd rather have skipped the whole movie.

Marmalade Boy-Story of a girl named Miki and her boyfriend Yuu. Their parents divorced and switched partners and Yuu and Miki end up liking each other. Yuu is preety cute and Miki is (like most ppls say) the queen of insecurity. She's paranoid that every new girl is going to steal Yuu away from her. They try but Yuu loves Miki VERY much and basically ignores them. unlike Miki who has almost as many guys chasing after her, yet has dilemmas about it. It's a really long yet interesting soap opera. But I DO feel sympathetic for some of the rejected ppls. most of them do get paired up. except for Miwa and he was really cool too. :sniff sniff: There's also a short movie. It's basically before Yuu and Miki met and Yuu sees her and basically follows her for a whole day. (I think that it sounds like a pretty scary stalker to me) and that's about it. except there were these weird kids that called themselves "gastamen" or something and attacked her because she had a towel on her head and they thought that it was a towel monster.

Maze-In process of watching. Main Point-Maze is girl at day and hentai guy at night. HE fights but she doesn't and they both have special powers since landing at this different place. A bit like El Hazard. And She/He fights this evil entity to help ppl.

Miyu(see vampire princess)

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland- This is an anime done by CLAMP. and all I have to say is 0_0. This is a VERY VERY odd alice in wonderland. It's more of a hentai version of it. I mean, these ppls(except miyuki) are pretty scantily clad. haven't read that much on it cause it was just sooo surprising(in a way) to see that CLAMP actually made something like that. but oh well, maybe I'll get to reading what the story is all about.


Nadesco-Story about guy named Akito who used to live on Mars until the Jovian lizards invaded. He also loves to watch this anime called Gekiganger 3 which is a SUPER cheezy 70's type anime that his friend(Gai), who was killed early on, intro'd him to. Earth is at war with these lizards and he ends up on the Nadesco which is a private company's battleship which is more advanced than the army's battleships. The captain is always chasing him around and saying his name over and over and over again. and also a bunch of other girls are after him. HE becomes the main pilot basically and they go fight the Jovian lizards who turn out to be the banished rebels of Mars who happen to be super freaky fanatics of Gekiganger 3 and treat it as law and a religion even. scary... Anyways, they try to have peace except that ppl actually wanted the war and of course even more drama and sad stuff. The scientist lady that he meets is actually this little girl that he kinda saved a long time ago except that somehow she was transported to the past.


members.xoom.com/3akito Akito shrine from Nadesco

Neon Genesis Evangelion-Will find info. All I know is that there is mecha to fight the "angels" and the main characters are Shinji, Asuka, and Rei. Why the heck is Rei so popular? I have no idea. There's also this one angel person named Nagisa who happens to be pretty popular for some reason.(I personally think he's slightly scary cause of the red eyes and stuff.) There's also PenPen, the warm water penguin! heehee...