Please Save My Earth- an "oh so very screwed up" anime. It's about how these ppl who used to live on the moon were reincarnated to modern earth. There's this one couple that ends up being reincarnated into 2 guys but they get together anyways. there's this love triangle with this one girl(mokuren or something) and these two guys. A doctor guy and the leader guy. they all die because of this disease but the doctor guy was able to make a cure for it and tricked the other guy into taking it by telling him that Mokuren already took it. Instead he gets to be the last one to die and he wants to die but he promised the Mokuren that he won't kill himself and lives for a longer while and eventually goes insane. He WAS completely by himself. In modern day the doctor guy still likes the girl and the guy is this psychotic little kid who likes her too. I think he causes a lot of trouble but he turns good again at the end. My friends told me not to bother watching the movie cause it was confusing as hell and they had to watch a few more times in order to understand what was going on.

Prince of Tennis- Cheesy lame anime about a guy who wants to be the best tennis player. From what I heard, the main guy is supposed to be too young to participate in the "big" tournaments so i guess he's kinda learning and is supposed to be the best. which is probably why he is "prince" and not "king." I think that this anime isn't all that great and is most likely one of those "I want to be the best (fill in the blank)!!!

Puni Puni Poemi-It's a spin off of the Excel Saga. I watched only one episode and I have to say that it is REALLY weird and disturbing. It's about a girl named Poemi and she's super hyperactive. I think she slept with a girl at school before anyone else came. (eeeww, they also made a sort of a bed of ppls desks too...) Then this very gross villan comes and kills her "parents" and she becomes a magical girl type super hero with a fish sword. She basically kills the fish and it becomes this sword. THAT was pretty disturbing as well. She also wants to be a voice actress. All I have to say about this anime is that I find it VERY disturbing and it's too bad that it has all that weird junk cause the story seems mildly interesting. although I'm sure some ppls would like to see it, but I don't. ick.

Ranma 1/2- Main topic: guy(Ranma) turns into girl with splash of cold water, dad turns into panda, Ryoga into black piglet, Mousse into duck, Shampoo into cat, and various other ppl. How did this happen? they all fell into a cursed spring in China which turns them into whatever animal drowned in whichever spring puddle. You'd think that they'd stay away but nooo they HAVE to go there and train or track down Ranma to there and fall into a pool. Akane is the love interest and fiancee, Katsume is the eldest sister, Natsumi is an opportunist, and the dad is weird. Genma (Ranma's dad) is like the dad, weird, who also kept giving away Ranma to other ppls daughters as their fiancee for food while Ranma was still a baby. This causes trouble cause all the women come looking for him. There are a LOT of seasons of this and some OAVs and some movies.

RG Veda- This is one of the first works of CLAMP. It is kind of based on an Indian Myth and of course the names have been changed into the Japanese counterpart.

RG Veda Online

Rose of Versailles- This is actually a pretty old anime. Appearantly, it was aired around 1979/1980. It's kind of a historical anime revolving around France around the French Revolution.

Rose of Versailes

Rurouni Kenshin- Now under the lame name of Samurai X in the US =p. anyways, this is a series that is a MUST watch! A very good and long anime. although there are some series and seasons where you just have to say, "what the hell is this?!" Kenshin is a wandering bum basically, and his aim is to just travel and help ppl. He meets Kaoru who owns a dojo. Takes in Yahiko, an orphan. Sanosuke follows along after getting his butt kicked by him. Hiko is his master who took him in when the ppl taking care of him get killed. He's funny cause he always picks on Kenshin. When he beat him into the ground he threaten him to get up or he'll start "reminiscing." It's basically, I remember when you wet the bed... Aoshi (ooooooh! he's soooooo cute!) was the leader of the Oniwabanshu who was temporarily insane and tried to kill Kenshin a for a REALLY long time. Misao is the girl who has loved him since she was little and is the current leader of the Oniwabanshu. Saito is a sadistic yet oh so cool policeman who in a way "takes in" Sano by "teaching" him stuff in a Hiko-like way. Oddly enough he has a wife... He also wanted to kill/beat Kenshin ever since the first time they fought during the war. Also has the philosophy of "Aku soku zan" which is basically kill all evil. He has his own issues... Megumi is a doctor who is supposedly paired up with Sano.

2nd season- They basically go to Kyoto to stop a madman and former hitokiri (Shishio) who took over for Kenshin during the war. He was burned and stabbed at the end of the war and is after revenge(gee I wonder why). His group, Juppon gatana, has basically freaks. One is a blind turtle shell guy, one monk guy who can turn rocks to dust who has some psychological issues, one crossdresser in love with Shishio(EW!), one mildly insane and superfast kid(Soujiro), one giant and super strong guy, one crazy stupid old guy, one flying bat guy, one financial guy, one girl (Yumi) who loves Shishio whose only purpose is to sacrifice herself for him, and broomhead guy who ends up joining the police and amusingly fights with Sano.

3rd, 4th, and 5th season- 3rd was this whole christian ppl thing. 4th was this whole geram ppl thing, and 5th was with these cult ppl and it was just plain confusing. Personally, I think these other seasons sucked and not really worth seeing. I just watched it for the cool fight scenes. In the whole christian thing Sano falls in love with this stereotypical "beautiful, kind, sweet pacifist" girl who dies in the end. Kept screaming, "not HER, MEGUMI damnit! MEGUMI!!" still think he belongs with Megumi. hmpf.

OAV- This is his past when he was a hitokiri battosai. It shows Tomoe, the girl who was a "spy" on Kenshin who falls in love. Also, you get to see Saito with the Shinsengumi. This is a serious anime and the graphics are more "realistic". Hiko also makes an appearance and the story of him raising Kenshin is explained more. Enishi, the crazy brother of Tomoe, makes a brief ending appearance. For more on him you'll have to read the manga. where he totally screws up kenshin and is just plain psychotic. Too bad it isn't animated though. :sigh: Some ppl like this OAV better than the tv series but I personally like the tv version way better. don't understand why. it's almost sacreligious!

2nd OAV-This involves the Enishi section of Kenshin. The animation is similar to the 1st OAV. I've heard disturbing things about this OAV and I'm actually in no rush to watch it cause I hate the animation style and well, it seems pretty messed up because I think Kenshin dies or something and Kaoru sleeps with him. ick. I'll have to check and confirm this....

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