Saber Marionette- There are a couple of seasons of this. J and the something to X(sorry I forgot) I saw the J one though. It's basically about this planet that is only inhabited by guys because there was an accident before they started colonizing and the only survivors were all guys. (they "reproduce" by cloning in a more varied way) So, the only women you see are actually machines called marionettes. This guy named Otaru loves these marionettes as actual ppl but he's too poor to buy one. He accidentally wakes up 3 marionettes(in 3 different episodes), they're called Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry. They have this "maiden chip" that makes them "think" more like how women were supposed to be. (in varying extremes) Lime is a hyperactive little girl type, Cherry is the stereotypical proper Japanese woman, and Bloodberry is basically a fighter. Ryoko-like(from tenchi). They all have superhuman strength but they mainly stay with Otaru because they were programmed to seek the love of the person who wakes them. and they basically have adventures and stuff and typical fighting over one guy sort of thing. Of course there's this evil guy who wants to take over the world and also has these marionettes like Otaru's.

Sailor Moon- THIS is THE magical girl anime. If you know nothing about this anime then, geez, where have you been?! Main character is Usagi(j.version)/Serena(Eng. version). She's sailor moon and she's destined to save the world and fight evil and so on. Of course there's her friends who also happen to be sailor (whatever planet they represent). Personally, I've got issues with this cause there are enemies that are just plain blind and stupid sometimes that you just have to wonder how they ever conquered anything in the first place. I do have to admit that the guy who actually likes sailor moon IS pretty cute^_^ except for the occaisional, "what the heck were you THINKING when you came up with THAT?!" when he does his cheezy quote. He also has these incredibly stupid moments and bad fashion sense. but hey, this anime was aimed for little girls anyways. Also have issues about guys that transform into girls in skimpy outfits.(sailor star season) It's just plain disturbing and it just makes you wonder about "things." There's about 4 seasons and I think 100 episodes and a couple of movies.

Saiyuki- This is a variation of the monkey god story
(details) Except they're all ppl like, they have different personalities(to a point), like the profane gun toting priest who was a pacifist in the original story, and the comic relief pig guy is now this guy who has this past that I just plain have issues about. but otherwise it sounds pretty interesting. but then again most variations of this story are pretty cool.


Gensomaden Saiyuki site. nice pics.

Smoking Circles

A little ruckus on the Journey to the West.

which Saiyuki character will you end up with? it's pretty fun character quiz.

Sakura Wars-This is an anime that is based on a game or has a game based on it(forgot which way)It was originally a dating game thing. It's mainly about a bunch of girls selected form around the world to control these steam run machines to fight some enemy(forgot who) They are mainly selected because of their psychological powers(I think) Anyways, I thought it looked pretty cool and and it's already licensed in the US.

Sorcerer Hunters-According to my friend, there are the tv and oav version. The main plot is about this group of ppls that go around obeying the orders of this goddess called "Big Momma." They basically go around stopping sorcerers from using forbidden magic. Carrot is basically the weakest person cause he doesn't fight unless he gets hit by magic, then he turns into a big beast and saves the day. Chocolate and Tira are sisters who like Carrot(dunno why. he's the guy that chases anything female except for ppls who actually like him) They turn into "fighting mode" by changing into domamatrix type ppls. His brother Marron is the main magic using guy who's got some of his own little "oddity" and is supposed to be a closet pervert, and the buff warrior guy Gateau. (don't ask why all their names come from food cause I don't know)

Shamanic Princess- This is about this princess person who has these powers and I think she transforms and has all these weird black marks all over her body. there's also this white weasel guardian thing. I read about the whole thing, I just forgot what it was REALLY all about. but it seems to be a bit darker than the typical magical girl anime.

Slayers- There are 3 seasons, OAVs, and movies. This is a pretty funny anime and even the characters themselves admit that there's almost never a serious moment. The main character is Lina Inverse who's basically the most powerful sorceress(except for her sister who's even more powerful but would rather dedicate her time to being a waitress. odd...). She basically travels around trying to get as much money as possible and basically eat anything that's edible. There's Gourry Gabriev who's basically this really stupid yet very good swordsman who has the sword of light which Lina constantly wants, along with some other ppl. I'd like to think of him more as an idiot savant(a person who's really smart in one thing but extremely stupid in everything else) There's Zelgadis who's part golem or something, it's because this dude Rezo changed him cause he(Zel) wanted to be strong. He spends the whole series trying to reverse the spell to look normal. there's Amelia, a princess who is sooooo intent on being a fighter for justice and so on that she basically has no common sense. She also imitates the usual magical girl introduction and attitude. She's pretty much mostly useless. In the 3rd season(sorry but I haven't seen the second one yet) there's Xellos who's a powerful demon guy who basically tags along with Lina and co. but doesn't bother to help when they're in trouble. except if there's a person there that he's after... there's Filia, golden dragon preistess who changes into a golden dragon who also fights with Xellos each time they see each other. (you know, evil vs good &etc..)In the OAV version, all of them aren't in it except Lina and there's this person named Naga the serpent or whatever, they travel together and get into weird situations. Naga's also very scantily clad and has that scraping laugh behind the hand thing and (dunno if it's EVEN necessary) a bouncy chest. All in all, this is a great series and it's really funny and I'd recommend it to anyone. AND if any of you ave the second season I'd love to see it.(hint hint)btw Gourry is kinda cute too! ^_^


Tanuki Wars- This is a Studio Ghibli production. The main plot line is that development is eating away at the tanuki(raccoon) habitat. these are raccoons that are able to transform themselves into whatever they wanted. What was disturbing about this movie is that these raccoons were able to use their genitalia to do all sorts of really weird stuff. Like make a giant boat that can float or make it huge is squish people. They keep trying to scare people away but it never really works. The movie seems to end but it just keeps going on and on and on. right when you think that they'll finally give up, they try another thing. These things aren't exactly the brightest things in the forest either. It was also sooo confusing in the end. I REALLY don't think that anyone should watch it. Trust me, you're better off watching paint dry than this movie. I felt sooooo traumatized and robbed after watching it. I also don't think I can see those Japanese tanuki statues in the same way ever again. This movie would only be good to scare people and also just to make people go through whatever you have been through.

Tenchi- This is a kind of confusing anime if you've seen both versions of it. There's the tv version and the oav version. they're basically the same except for some details and other story bits. There's also the newer in Tokyo one but I just haven't gotten very into watching it cause I don't really like the animation and the story's just weird and I REALLY don't like that other girl that he meets(I refuse to remember her name. I personally think that she really sucks.;P But the main story is that Tenchi is this regular guy who just happens to have a lot of stuff happen to him. There's Aeyeka who has the grating evil laugh behind the hand thing who's also princess of Jurai which is the most powerful planet in the universe. There's Ryoko who's a space pirate who's constantly fighting Aeyeka and fighting with her over Tenchi. There's Sasami who's Aeyeka's sister who's just sooo good that you'd like to strangle her. There's Washu who's bascially a mad scientist person who makes all sorts of weird stuff which causes chaos to ensue and has a bad habit of making stuff that can destory the entire universe. There's ryo-oki who's this "cabbit" which is a cross between a cat and a rabbit, who also transforms into Ryoko's spaceship. Ryo-oki's sooo cute! There's Mihoshi and Kyone, space police officers basically sent to the middle of nowhere(earth). Mihoshi is a complete ditz who you would like to kill as well, Kyone is the one stuck with her and constantly getting into trouble with her(mainly demotion and the such)eventhough she's a good officer. Mihoshi only got the job as officer because of her high ranking grandfather. There's Tenchi's dad, a pervert. and his grandfather who's a shinto priest. but the summary is way too long to say in this short paragraph, but this anime is pretty good and amusing sometimes. there's also a spinoff called pretty Sammy or something. but it's a magical girl one starring Sasami. (personally, I REALLY don't like her)

There are about 3 movies I think.

Those Who Hunt Elves- Pretty funny anime. It's about this group of ppl that get transported to this other world and when they're about to be transported back by this head priestess elf, they distract her and the spell she was performing scattered and ended up on the bodies of various elves of the other world. So they all go looking for the bits of spells by basically stripping any elf they find. The head priestess comes along cause the spell needs to be transferred onto HER body. somehow she gets turned into a dog with all sorts of funny marks because of the spells. I didn't get to see the whole thing BUT I WANT TO! It's definately worth seeing. not if you're looking for a serious anime though.

To heart- I just saw one episode and thought that it kinda sucked. Didn't really like the main character girl either.

Tokyo Crazy Paradise- I feel sudden withdraw after finishing the story. It's set in a time where Tokyo is this really dangerous place where violence rules, yakuza are all over the place, and girls run the chance of being attacked every single day. (I'd hate to be a girl during that time) The main girl is Tsukasa(name is unisex) whose parents were policemen that were killed by the yakuza. She is disguised as a boy so that she'll be protected. She also knows how to fight really well, but that's more of from her genes. Her "parents" are actually her adopted parents but I'll leave that little twist for you to read. There's the head of this yakuza group Kuryugumi(I think that's how you spell it), named Ryuji. This gang is basically the top gang in the area and as the name suggests(nine dragon group), there are 8 other groups under it. Well, Tsukasa, along with her brothers, go to the same school, which is like the best school but screwed up in some ways(they had no exams for a LONG time). Ryuji actually likes Tsukasa, luckily he KNOWS she's a girl. He basically blackmails her into being his bodyguard so that she will be with him all the time. The blackmail is more of a debt to him and in the beginning he charges her REALLY high amts for odd stuff. Like a couple thousand yen for shampoo. The giant increases in monetary debt is actually because her brothers are using the money to live since it's illegal(supposedly) for students to get jobs. 2 brothers work as "companions" in a gay bar! Asago is supposed to be Ryuji's fiancee(there's competition for that spot) Akira is this cop that knew Tsukasa's adopted dad and he also likes Tsukasa. and lots of various other characters. Anyways, this is a really cool and addictive manga. and you have the sudden urge to go to the site from the links page and read it....@_@.....


Tokyo Crazy Paradise it's a pretty good manga story.

Tonde Boorin- an odd sort of magical girl anime. When she transforms she turns into a pink pig. Odd? VERY. She transforms with this compact that this yellow pig from another world gave her. I think he needs to do this so that he can become king in his world.(he's a prince) So basically she has to save about 100 ppl in order to transform into any superhero form that she wants. I guess it's ok, never really watched the whole thing though.

Tortoro (My Neighbor)- Classic anime art. I have NO IDEA what the main point of the story is. I guess it's like a short biography of the two girls that meet tortoro. He's this BIG BIG giant fuzzy thingy that they play with that also flies and has an umbrella. he's also got these REALLY cute dust bunnies(NOT the exactly the ones under your bed) and the ever popular catbus. It's this bus that's really a giant flying cat that has a bunch of legs that take them places sometimes. All I have to say is that this is a really cute anime. no point really but it's cute.

Trigun- This is about a guy named Vash the Stampede. He's named that way cause every town he goes to is completely destroyed. He's talked about as this really dangerous scary outlaw guy who would kill lots of ppl, wears a red trenchcoat and has blond hair. no one believes who he really is in person cause he is just so stupid. almost Gourry from slayers stupid. he actually tries to save the town he's in, which is why most of the destroyed towns don't have any deaths, and has this really neat gun. He's followed by these two insurance agents(millie and what's her name) who try to stop him cause he's causing the agency to loose a LOT of money. I think his head is worth 60 billion or something. The reason why these towns even get razed to the ground is because so many ppl go after him that the town just gets destroyed. You meet Nicolaus Wolfwood who's this preacher guy that carries around this HUGE cross that's as big as him who's actually a gunslinger and the cross is actually filled with guns and the main cross part is a bazooka. The world they're in is actually a colony from a destroyed planet. Vash has a twin named Knives who is the main psychotic madman in this anime who wants to destroy the world. The anime is like one BIG western and the ending, I think, sucked. could have been better, but no. It was sooooooo depressing near the end!!! It's worth seeing for some of the funny stuff and the soundtracks have very interesting names. (all involves donuts. most recent one,"spicy stewed donuts" weird)


Utena-Not really interested in the anime but ppl actually like it(esp. guys). This is about this girl named Utena who wants to be a "prince." At the school that she goes to, she dresses in the boys uniform. (not quite, really) There's this secret fencing club where they duel at this other place for the "rose bride" who is basically a slave that also has this sword in her body, but she doesn't die when it is taken out. The rose bride is this girl named Anthy(I think she REALLY sucks, stereotypical helpless damsel in distress). Utena feels sorry for her and duels for her and wins. Then everyone starts challenging her and there's this one guy who's obsessed with her(has BRIGHT red hair) and I think he wants her to be HIS rose bride. Anyways, there's this whole suggestive lesbian thing between Utena and Anthy(ick!!) and sorry but, Utena has PINK and I mean cotton candy PINK hair. as you can tell, I'm not a particular fan of this but if you're interested in this or actually REALLY like this then hey, that's your opinion. =p


Vampire princess Miyu- This is a dark anime about this vampire named Miyu must capture all the escaped demons. She has a guardian named Larva who wears a mask and doesn't talk. He helps out every now and then. Haven't seen a lot of the anime but I know that there's a "western" group of vampires that want to kill Miyu and that Larva is actually one of them but then somehow he was bonded to Miyu and now he's with Miyu. I think that she actually "dies" and Yue takes over and resurrects Miyu later. that could be from the manga too. She also has a cousin named Yui(I think) and there's a spin off for her story.

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