Wedding Peach-TOTAL magical girl anime. I'm sorry but this did not make a lot of sense for me. I know that there are 3 girls(I think) and they fight evil wearing wedding dresses. (don't ask me why!!) sailor moon like but the plot's just kinda pointless and geared more torward girls about 12 or 10 and under. well, the plot as in the main plot of the whole thing is your basic fight the evil bad guys who want to take over. Just your basic evilness. Each of them in their transformed state is named after a flower. And that's all I know cause I personally can't stand super sugary magical girl stuff. ick!!

White Cross(WeiSS Kreuz)-This is a story about 4 guys named Aya(actually Ran), Ken, Omi, and Yohji. They're actually florists by day and assasins at night called white cross(sorry, dunno how to make german b thingy) They are led by a guy named Persia who is actually the police chief and also the biological father of Omi who was rejected by his rich but evil politician dad becauses of the fact that he wouldn't pay for his ransom because he found out that omi was not his son. (Omi's family is actually pretty screwed up psychologically) Anyways, each member has their own little problem. Aya's is that his sister was hit by Omi's dad and is now in a coma and he also killed off his mom, dad, and blew up the whole house. Ken's is that his best friend betrayed him and had him beat up which ruined his chances to be big in soccer. (I think) Yohji's is that he used to be a private eye but his partner was gunned down while they were trying to get away from a case they were following. Anyways, they meet up with an all female assasin group (forgot name) and an all male assasin group with special powers called Schneider. (I thought this was really screwed up cause Aya and them are normal type ppls while those guys can read minds and mentally blow up stuff)They also have a specific type of weapon. Aya's is the sword(soo cool::sigh::) Ken's is this bear claw thingy, Yohji's is wires, and Omi is mainly a crossbow or darts, your basic sniper type stuff. And might I also add that the ending REALLY sucks cause you're kinda left hanging at the idea of whether or not the group is dead. makes you want to scream. It's a pretty good anime but it's slightly depressing.


members.tripod.com/~the whitecross/links.html is a pretty good links page of someone's of White cross.

Wish-An anime and manga by CLAMP. This one is about a guy who saves this angel (or something) while it was in its weakened chibi(child like) form. She grants him one wish but he refuses it so she follows him around waiting for him to make his wish. Of course during this time all sorts of angels(or whatever) and demons come. The main guy looks kinda of evil but definately drawn CLAMP style and I just have issues with this cause it involves relationships between the nonhuman beings and they don't have a specific sex. They look like they can be either guy or girl!! well, most of them...


X-This is a pretty depressing story. It's mainly about a guy named Kamui(looks totally cute. I even have this cool wall scroll of him^_^) He is forced to choose to fight with either the dragons of the earth who seek to destroy the earth(I think) or the dragons of the heaven who seek to preserve earth. The sad thing is that no matter which side he chooses he has to fight his best friend who will choose the side opposing him. He likes his friend's sister who is killed by her own brother. There's your basic fighting among each side. another nasty part is that Kamui and his friend have swords that must be pulled out of ppls bodies. In the movie, Kamui's sword is pulled out of his mother(really bloody scene. icky) and I think the friend is supposed to get his sword from his sister's body. In the end I think Kamui wins. not sure cause it was depressing and I couldn't really find much on the ending I think.


Yami no Matsuei-This is a story about the Shinigami who are basically police to unexpected or unnatural deaths. They're all dead ppls who have special powers as well. Main guy is Tsuzuki Asato who seems to be the most powerful person(can summon beings like Suzaku),he has a a big sweet tooth(^_^), has gone through a lot of partners, and is kinda being stalked by this weird guy Muraki Kazutaka who seems to be romantically interested in him as well. He's also the scary villan guy who knows A LOT about Tsuzuki. He also was the one who killed his present partner, Kurosaki Hisoka and has some control over him. Well, he was killed THEN became partner. Not the other way around; remember, they're all dead. It was icky since he basically tortured him to death. anyways, mildly disturbing cause of the yaoi hints(VERY big hints if you ask me) but I think that it is kinda worth watching since it does have funny moments.

Links: www.crysania.com/paperthin/yami is a basic info site with more detailed info on all the characters

Yuyu Hakusho(the polterguist report)-This is a pretty neat anime. It's about this guy who first meets the supernatural when he is hit by a car and is told to go through a trial of reincarnation cause not even heaven could predict that he would save a boy from being hit by a car. (they boy would have been uninjured even if the guy didn't go save him)After that he becomes kind of the police of hell(basic stopping of bad demons and whatnot) He meets a cheery botan(person who acts as death), koenma(the devil jr), Hiei (the demon person who has these cool black dragons and a 3rd eye), his not so intelligent friend(forgot his name. but his had a totally cool light sword), and this fox fairy thief guy(Kurama) who looks like a girl in his human form. seems pretty cool but too lazy to get info. It's playing on adult swim on cartoon network though. (I still don't like dubbed)


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