Well, I PROMISE that this will be a lot shorter than part 1...

Part 2- In the beginning, Tetsuya, Keisuke, Miaka, and the "new" Tamahome (Taka) go to visit the grave of the miko of Genbu. Also Tamahome remembers everything from his life in the book. While at the grave, Taka gets sucked back into the book somehow and time in konan has passed enough so that the son of hortohori had a son. (I think 50 years have passed) He goes to the palace but is blocked from Suzaku's shrine. He is beaten and kicked out of the palace for trying to impersonate a Suzaku seishi. He ends up in the country where the seiryuu used to live in and is taken in by some girl. He then is told that he is actually Nakago and that Nakago was him. He also has the character for heart on his forehead just like Nakago. So Taka becomes miserable trying to figure out who he really is. Then the Mt. Leikaku(dunno the spelling!) bandits attack and Tasuki's friend(forgot name. but will review^_^)blames him for killing tasuki and attempts to kill him but Taka was able to kill them all first by using the powers that Nakago used to have. Taka become even more miserable and sad ut we find out that it was Tomo in the disguise of the girl that was the servant. Taka gets drunk but he is also drinking the poison stuff that he had when he was controlled by Nakago, which was mixed into the wine. We also see Chichiri and Tasuki traveling somewhere when Chichiri senses a presence. Also a comedic scene in which Tasuki complains about all the walking. Next we see Amiboshi living happily with his adopted family. But he goes away one night with his flute.

Oh, I forgot. during all this stuff, Miaka and Tetsuya and Keisuke and Yui look for the 4 gods heaven and earth book. there was a fire in the library but the book was not to be found. So basically they run around trying to find the book and also, Tetsuya starts to like Yui...or already did. Well, the grave of the maiden is fading away like she never existed and we find out that Yui actually stole the book and is also possessed because of the look in her eyes and the fact that she is now wearing Nakago's earring. hmmm.... they all go into the book and they find Amiboshi possessed by suboshi(he died in the "real world" by Tamahome), some "fake" seishi of the Byakko maiden, the suzaku seishi dead and alive, and the drunk and almost dying Taka. Well, they fight the evil god Tenko and win with the help of Suboshi/Amiboshi and the rest of the seishi, the "fake" seishi get knocked out before the fight. Tenko was the "boss" of Tomo and Nakago when he was alive. (Nakago does a "guest" appearance as a ghost but doesn't harm the Suzaku seishi and doesn't go to help Tenko's side)Amiboshi dies for sure this time becaues he let Suboshi use his body to save Yui from Tenko.:sniff sniff: Yui was possessed but she was able to call the god and use her wishes to save everyone!

Next thing is that we see Miaka and Co.(the other suzaku seishi)sneaking around the bushes around Nuriko's house. They're looking for the memory globes of Tamahome because Taka doesn't remember his time in the book but needs these memories to exist; they were taken away by Tenko. OK, Nuriko's brother finds them and oh, what a coincidence, he has one of the globes. He refuses to give this up because it's the last souvenir he has of Nuriko and isn't very nice to the seishi. While they were hanging around they were attacked by the incestuous brother and sister(eeeew). They're with Tenko because of their sin (incest). They defeat them and get the globe. We also get to see the brother and sister at Miaka's time (I forgot how the sequence of events went) and the brother runs for class president and the sister goes after Taka and bites his ear and stuff. But I think they went by into the "book" by scroll which they tossed over the building and jumped off after it to escape the zombie students controlled by the brother. Taka gets controlled by the sister because his blood was used to make a wax voodoo doll and stuff like that. Of course the brother and sister get defeated.

Next they all go to see Hortohori's son Boushin?.. Anyways, he always carries around the stuffed teddy bear that Miaka gave Hortohori cause I guess it reminds him of his dad. So, he gets sick and then a giant monster pops out of the bear and attacks Miaka and Co. and also has the kid in its clutches. of course it gets defeated and I think they get another globe.

Next they go walking around in the forest and suddenly we see water. Miaka and Taka are having problems cause he feels that he NEEDS to be Tamahome and feels pressured. Then Tasuki takes Miaka for a drink and gets her drunk and almost rapes her when Taka comes to the rescue and Tasuki burns himself and turns back to normal. Of course Mitsukake heals him and stuff... Then a guy kidnaps Miaka and he happens to be Chichiri's old friend. (The one that stole his fiance and was killed) They go fight and we find out that Chichiri wasn't really at fault cause a flood(explains the use of water)was what killed the friend and the friend came back for revenge cause he believed that Chichiri let go when he really didn't, or tried really hard not to.

Anyways, they get to the final person to fight and it's (gasp!) Tamahome himself. Taka and him fight over Miaka and we find out that they're the same person and the only way to defeat him is for Taka to accept him. Then we find out that Tenko is just a person who was messed up and believed himself to be a god and of course tried to take over the world. He's defeated and they all lived happily ever after in the modern world. It's kinda hinted at that all the seishi get reincarnated in Miaka's world. I know I've left out some stuff but I'll fix it later.

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