Hey! now that you're here that means that you can read my "brief" summary of Fushigi Yuugi(the anime). Do not read any further if you do not like spoilers! And watching the anime is obviously WAY better
Just wanted to say a typical disclaimer/this was NOT made up by me, although the spelling might be original^_^, this was made up by somebody other than me. And so what if I'm bored engough to make a disclaimer!..

F.Y.- This is a story better explained in 2 parts.

Part 1- This is a story about two Japanese school girls named Miaka and Yui. They go to the library and find a book called "Four Gods Heaven and Earth" or something like that. They get sucked into the book and they end up in ancient China. (or rather the Japanese version of it) they get attacked by some slavery ppls and Tamahome comes to save them. After he saves them, yui gets sent back to present day Japan and Miaka is still left in China. Tamahome goes off and Miaka goes after him thinking that he kidnapped Yui. During her search for him in the city, she gets attacked and defends herself surprisingly well, but is caught and about to be raped when Tamahome comes to rescue her because he heard of a funny dressed girl looking around for him. So he saves her(again) and she tries to get him to help her find Yui, whom she doesn't know was sent back home, but all HE wants is okane(money! in Japanese) So she runs to the emperor during one of his fanfare parades and was about to be attacked by a guards but was surrounded by a red light(Suazaku's light) and is partially sent back (in "spirit") where she sees Yui reading about her at the library. She is then sent back to China and the Emperor takes her in because she's the priestess of Suzaku.

(Suzaku is a big phoenix?/peacock? that is the guardian of the country of Konan, the current setting, which is the southern country. Each country has their own guardian. East has Seiryuu, represented by the dragon (I think), west, Genbu, has a white tiger, and the east,Byakko(whatever), has the turtle snake thing. I might have the place and the names incorrectly stated or spelled, but hey, you have the general idea.)

Anyways, the emperor, Hortohori, is mistaken at first when Miaka and Tamahome try to escape from the palace after being captured for that little incident, as a beautiul maiden by Miaka. Things get sorted out and Miaka finds out that she has to go and look for the other guardians/seishi/chiseishi(whichever name is used). Surprise surprise, Tamahome and Hortohori are both seishi for Suzaku. Their birth names are forgotten(by me) and they are now referred to as the names already stated. The next person they find is Nuriko, a guy who loves Hortohori and is pretending to be female(reason stated later) and is at the palace to try to be chosen his bride. Oh, and each of the seishi have special powers. Tamahome is the best at fighting, Hortohori is the best swordsman, and Nuriko has superstrength. They next find Chichiri who actually finds them and saves them. He is a monk and specializes in magic. Oh, and the way that Miaka finds these people, other than the first 2 found, was by the good guardian(?) of the world, Taiitsukun(sorry for the bad spelling) who gave her a magic mirror that shows the character of the next seishi. It's because each seishi has a glowing character somewhere on their bodies. I forgot what each one was but Tamahome's was ogre or ghost. Next they find Tasuki, leader of the Mt. Leikaku bandits(fine, I can't spell) and also has a really cool fan that makes flames. Next is Mitsukake who heals people but loses his girlfriend because he was too late to cure her and had to kill her again because she was taken over by a deamon on her deathbed because she allowed it to take over so that she can see him one last time. (sniff sniff)

The next seishi that they find is Amiboshi. He controls things with a flute. Unfortunately, Amiboshi is really a spy for the Seiryuu who are at war with the people of Konan. His brother is Suboshi and they can communicate to each other by "scratching" words onto their bodies. During this time, Miaka undergoes hardships to find all these people and Yui experiences these things too because they are connected by their uniform. (don't ask me why) Oh, and during this time, miaka gets back by Taiisukun helping her but Yui isn't there because they both somehow switched places but Yui goes to the country opposing Konan.

Miaka gets all her stuff for the trip back to the book and also realizes that yui has been sucked into the book. yui in the meantime was attacked but this time she wasn't saved, except by Nakago, one of the Seiryuu who uses his chi(power?) to attack. it's like a psychic sort of a power.) But she doesn't know this and believes that she has been raped by those ppl. She becomes really messed up and when Miaka comes to save her with Tamahome, Yui believes that Miaka did not come for her and betrays her and also spends most of the series trying to steal Tamahome away because she also loves him too. And I'll start shortening this "little" summary...

ok, Miaka tries to summon Suzaku because he grants 3 wishes to the priestess who summons him but he doesn't appear because all the seishi are needed to call him. Amiboshi is NOT one of them. oh, and before this, Tamahome willingly goes to the Seiryuu country because of threats; he and Miaka are in love with each other now. During his time with Yui she tries to seduce him but fails, so Nakago gives her a way to drug Tamahome so that he will love only her. But this drug also made him really mean to other people and also obeys Nakago. Yui doesn't really like Tamahome this way because he isn't Tamahome anymore. Well, Miaka and Tasuki and Chichiri go to save Tamahome only to find out that he's turned bad and also wants to kill miaka. He breaks her arm with his weapon thing and fights Tasuki who refuses to fight him because of Miaka. well, they retreat and Tamahome goes to Konan to finish off Miaka. Hortohori falls in love with Miaka(don't ask me why) and fights Tamahome in a sowrd fight. He wins and Tamahome is injured but the spell is broken because the earring that controlled him was broken. yeah!! (although he was kinda cute as bad...) Then came the ceremony. Amiboshi is found to be fake and they chase him because he tried to kill them with his flute but the last seishi came at the last minute. It was Chiriko(the genius kid) they chase him but Amiboshi kills himself by letting go of Miaka and falling into the flooded river.

Since they can only call Suzaku once using the script thingy in the ceremony by burning it, they had to figure out another way to summon Suzaku. Taiitsukun comes to the rescue by telling them to go get the necklace of the Byakko maiden priestess(I think)to make up for the scroll. The Byakko miko appeared many years before to save that country in the north. Taiitsukun also gives each of the Suzaku seishi something to make thtem more powerful. Tasuki got a metal or diamond new fan that still spits out flame, Mitsukake got healing holy water stuff, chiriko got a scroll thing I think, Hortohori got a holy sword, Nuriko got bracelets, and Tamahome got nothing because he was strong enough without a new thing. but Tamahome tries to steal other ppls stuff. Esp Tasuki. it's pretty funny. Oh, before they leave, Tamahome visits his family but they were killed by Suboshi who was looking for revenge for his brother's death. He was just being manipulated by Nakago into doing it. Soi rescues Suboshi from being killed by dragonball like Tamahome. So, they all go to the other 2 countries to get the stuff that the other mikos wore when they summoned their gods. Well, you begin to meet the seiryuu and the suzaku seishi start dying. there's Nuriko's death which was totally tragic. He died by keeping Ashitare (the wolf guy) away. Nuriko "kills" him but he turns into a wolf and steals the Byakko miko's necklace after Miaka and Co. risked it all going past the spirits of the dead seishi. They were soooo cool. forgot their names again (I blame my classes in chem for this) but one has an eye pach and the other shoots ice arrows. Sooooo cool!!!! Well, then Nakgo decides to have a rape Miaka campaign.(ugh!) That is because the Miko must be a virgin. Nakago tries to rape Miaka but can't when she comes to try to get the necklace from him. Oh, and Suboshi begins to fall in love with Yui because she was nice to him and comforted him when he felt the loss of his brother.

Now there's a "free for all" for Miaka and Tomo tries by making an illusion with his clam shells and having Miaka trapped there. Well, then we find out that Amiboshi IS alive! he forgot his past but remembered it and saves Miaka. Suboshi sees him and finds out that he's turned over and doesn't want to join them and would rather join Miaka&Co. they defeat Tomo and Suboshi gives amiboshi some medicine to forget by pretending to drink and then kissing him and spitting out the medicine back to him. (sick sick sick! patoo!! ick!!) Tamahome's master also shows up and is ogling Miaka cause she's in her underwear, again! We meet the Byakko ppls and they're pretty old. it's neat cause the master has a wife who was also a seishi. They go to get the next thing of the miko and are challenged by the seiryuu and Chiriko kills himself becuase one of the seiryuu has no true body and possesses children and controls them to do evil. The master and his wife turn young because of her magic but another seishi, Taka(I think) is really old but looks young. He was in love with HIS miko but they had to be separated and they die together eventhough they were in 2 different world. Here we also find out that the gods "eat" their mikos but if the person is strong then the god will be defeated. If not, the god will take over the body of the miko.

Ok, they lose the other article of a miko's and Yui gets to call her god first. Her first wish was to seal away Suzaku and all the suzaku seishi were ordinary ppls. Nakago's country wages war and Konan is invaded. Hortohori, who stayed behind to rule, married a person like Nuriko(hmm...) and had a baby son. He dies on the battlefild by Nakago(sniff sniff) oh and Yui sent both her and Miaka back and Tamahome on accident. SHe sees Hortohori's death, and he still loves her. Oh and Soi, seiryuu seishi who controls lightning, dies for Nakago cause she fell in love with him ever since he saved her when they were young. This was when Hortohori was about to kill Nakago(damnit!)Nakago "realizes" that he loved her and carries her dead body all over the battlefield. Well, since Yui brought back Nakago's eariing back with her, he was "connected" to her like the uniform thing. Suboshi gets there and he and Tamahome fight because he's jealous of him(I think) cause yui loves Tamahome and not him. Well, Nakago get's into the real world and wants to be god but Yui won't wish for it and wished for Miaka to be able to call Suzaku. Then the dragon takes over her body and Seiryuu comes into their world. Miaka then calls on Suzaku and the two god fight and the seishi all come together to fight Nakago. Tamahome "dies" but comes back to defeat Nakago. He also sees Nakago's history while his first was in his body. He is part of some minority of ppl with blond hair& blue eyes who were persecuted by the evil emperor. well, soldiers attacked and raped his mom, which is why he wouldn't rape Miaka, and found his power when he accidentally blew up the soldiers AND his mom. He's taken in by the Emperor who knew that he'd come in handy and kinda mistreated him. don't know... it's implied. 0_0 Which makes it "ok" that Nakago killed the emperor before he goes on the attack of Konan. Well, for Miaka's last wish she wished for the world to be beautiful again. (what a waste!) and since Taiisukun was merciful, (I guess) Tamahome was allowed to go to Miaka's world by reincarnation. The end! phew! ready for part 2?......

Part 2!

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