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Well, the fushigi yuugi summary page is filled with spoilers so don't bother if you like to be surprised. click here for the summary

Info on anime and some rpg games

Yay!!! pop the champagne! The new site is now open for business! Finally got this to work out the way I wanted and also got to get the hang of this stuff.


not much

of course, as usual, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK... that means EVERYONE!!!!

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this whole freaking page is new. geez. anyways, finally figured out how to do the rest of the programming of this page by myself. which is why I finally got this thing up and running. ugh. had so much to fix up here it is NOT funny. still gotta get things a bit better though.

Also, since the story summaries of: ff7, ff8, Onimusha, Legend of Dragoon, and partly ff5 &6 are up why not go check it out? click here to get to the page

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just some extra responses for the guestbook. my cousin is just being stupid cause I'm almost his ONLY female cousin. I'm also REALLY glad you like my page ppls! it gives me a reason to keep this place running, it's cause ppl actually come here. wow!!! and damnit! you ppls who just put "just a friend" or what not and know me for god's sake leave your name or at least a freaking clue!!!! aaarrrggg!!! also if you happen to be a REALLY cute guy, don't be shy, leave your name and number. ^_^ just kidding.
but if you haven't even signed the guestbook yet,

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