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This is just created for people confused, lost, or clueless(more than me) who are seeking some sort of help. ^_^ I'm trying REALLY hard but well, I'm NOT Japanese but I have a pretty good idea of the stuff. It's a final fantasy mixed with anime & manga general info. and for other questions, just email and ask. ^_^
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Anime(an-uh-may)-oh geez, don't tell me you don't know this?! ok, it's basically animation from japan, it's characterized by the big eyes, weird hair styles and color, and unproportionality, like super long legs or super big eyes.

Bishonen- Basically "beautiful boy." Sometimes you can't really tell if they're guys. some are "oh so cute/hot" and some are "are you sure that's a guy?!" ie Kamui from X or Eagle from Rayearth. forgot the word for the "man" version. (that sounds oh so wrong -_-;;)

Bishojo- Basically "beautiful girl." Can't really tell what's so great about them but I'm guessing the super short skirts and lots of showing off of clothes is a pretty good indication. Notice that in the complete original title of "Sailor Moon."

Chocobos- big chicken ostriches that you can ride in ff. They can come is oridinary and traditional yellow, green, blue, white, black, and gold. In ff7, you get the chance to breed for the different colors and also race them. Ff8 you have to go to special forests to catch them. and in the more recent ones, they're something you can summon. they also appear in some other squaresoft games. There's even some games with JUST the chocobo.

Cid-It's just not a coincidence but this guy is in every final fantasy. They're mostly mechanics(except for ff8's theirs was a headmaster that did NOT know anything at all about machines) I have to say ff7 is my favorite one, he also kicked butt. ^_^ The final fantasy movie had a cid too and he was "ok" at least HE helped the other characters and HE knew how to work SOME machines. ff9 he was an uncle to the main character and was a regent who got turned into a bug cause his wife caught him hitting on some girl. ffx he was the uncle of the main character and the father to one in the fighting party.

CLAMP- forgot what it stands for but they're a group of 4 women(I think there used to be a guy(?)). Some are MKR, Wish, X, CLAMP Campus Detectives(duh) and etc. They have a LOT of stuff around. I also think that they're probably pretty rich too considering all the manga that they make and how sucessful some of the anime and other goods are.

Crows- Always seen flying away in a flock. Either means something omnious or as a joke since they believe that the cawing sounds like they're saying "baka(stupid)"

Fenrir-well, it's actually part of a norse myth as an evil wolf that was tied to a boulder and well, read ragnarok for the rest. But anyways, in ff6 it was a esper, I think it also shows up in 5 but not sure. I think that it's disappeared from the more recent ff ones though. maybe was in ff8...

Gannon(dorf)-main evil bad guy in the Zelda games. Turns into a giant pig monster thingy. He's an evil wizard out to take over the kingdom of Hyrule. Unlike the princess, he appears in the games more often than her. He's a guy from these desert pirates that are pretty much like amazons, except in the desert. They have a legend that every 100 yrs or so, a man will be born into the tribe and he will be the leader and I think that he will also take over the world or something like that. The -dorf part of his name only comes in when he turns into his pig monster form. why? I don't know.

Hannya- This is one of the guys in the oniwa banshu in Kenshin. I also learned that the mask he always wears and his name represents a female demon in japanese plays. (see I do learn stuff from school!)

Itatakimasu- Notice how most anime ppls say this before they eat sometimes? I think it's basically let's eat or thanks for the food. something like that. ^_^;

Link-This is the hero off all the Zelda titles. He's a guy who was raised by these elf type ppls. He also gets all sort of girls chasing after him.(he is pretty cute...)Although he was pretty annoying in the cartoon. but it's ok cause he's cool in the games. The games are pretty good.(usually) But the versions before N64 drove me nuts cause the people were not helpful and I spent most of my time trying to figure out where exactly I was supposed to go. The original nintendo version still pisses me off today cause even now I still have a LOT of problems trying to figure out what the stupid ppls want me to do so that I can move on and kick some boss's butt.

Moogles-They're these nice harmless woodland creatures that are fuzzy, white with red batlike wings, and have antennas on their heads.ff5 and ff6 have them. You get to have one in you party in ff6. ff7 had mentions of them but no "real" ones. ff8 doesn't even really mention or have them at all. they reappear in ff9.

Monkey god story-It's a VERY popular old chinese story about these group of ppl that travel to the west. There's this monkey that is born from a rock and plays all sorts of jokes on the other gods and wants to be godlike as well. He becomes immortal by eating this peach that makes you immortal.(now you know why there's peaches all over the place in art and other stuff) The goddess of mercy saves him alot and helps him cause well, she's the goddess of mercy. He gets punished for mischeif and is imprisoned in a rock for many years. Breaks out somehow(forgot) and tries to do mischief, but is bound by a headband that can contract by magic, and is sent by Buddha and heaven to help this good priest get some scrolls from the west somewhere. This story is quite odd in the fact that there is Buddha and the various gods from that religon and also various other chinese gods. ie king of heaven, moon lady, etc. Anyways, he has no choice and the priest has the power to have him do whatever since he knows how to shrink the head band.(its with some sort of prayer I think) the priest also gets this really cool white horse that can do almost anything. They go travel and meet up with this pig guy(comic relief) and this dark skinned guy with bushy hair and beard and likes to drink. On their quest there's all these evil demons that try to stop them but the three always kick butt(the priest doesn't fight, total pacifist) and also a bunch that try to "damage" the priest so that he can't get the scrolls. There's a bunch of games, movies, stories, and anime based on this story.(somewhat)Japanese names are: Son Goku(monkey), Genjo Sanzo(priest), Cho Hakkai(pig guy), Sha Gojyo(drinking bushy guy). dunno in chinese to english translation. You may also realize that the Dragonball ppl have similar names(it's VERY loosely based) and there's the new anime Saiyuki with has them in this "western type" anime(according to one friend. It looks pretty promising(the guys look kinda cute ^_^) but my friends don't think so, but I don't care. ;P

Music in ff- Yes, most of it really DOES sound the same. just more "hi tech" as the series goes on. Playing on random instruments seems to be quite popular as well. ff5 has organ piano thingys, ff7 had Tifa's piano, ff8 you get to pick what instruments that the ppl play and an organ. Also, the music IS done by the same composer, Nobuo Uematsu (sorry if the spelling is wrong but I'll fix it later).

OAV and OVA-original animated video(original video anime) is the same basic idea. It's like a sequel or prequel to the original tv anime. Most of the time.

Paper fans-Japanese culture thing. basically used in comedies. Like I read in one anime with fansubs, "the japanese version of pie throwing." hope that clarifies it.

Ragnarok- according to this one guy who told me about it (thanks ^_^). It is the norse version of the apocalpse where "where the evil wolf Fenrir breaks free from his chains on a boulder and devours Odin (one-eyed king of the norse gods) and numerous other gods before being killed by one of Odin's sons. was sword in ff7 and spaceship in ff8. (forgot ff6 and not that far for ff5)

SD-Super deformed. It's not as bad as it sounds actually. It's characterized by bigger eyes and head than the original and usually has less detail than the original as well. A very good example are the little gifs of the final fantasy ppl. they obviously don't look like that originally, and they're just in SD form. what else can I say.

Summoned beings of ff- Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut, Ramuh, etc. they're basically these powerful magical being things that join you. Mostly you have to show them the "hard way" so that they will join you. They're all got different classifications in each game but you get the point.

Wind chimes-Usually the bell shaped ones with the long paper strip dangling from it. Not sure but I think that in anime, it means that something is about to happen or change. or maybe they just like it for some odd reason.

Yaoi- "What is this?" you ask. Uhmm, well, basically guy guy together type situations. It's actually pretty popular with Japanese girls (and other ethnicities). guys are typically bishonen. I'm sorry but EEEEEW! :gag gag wheeze: but of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. ick ick ick :gag:

Zelda-For ppls that don't know. She's the princess from legend of Zelda(game and cartoon). She's princess of a place called Hyrule and is romanically linked with well, Link. She's a pretty typical damsel in distress but with the N64 version and Super smash melee she had some revamping and kicks butt.(most of the time) There's lots of games in her name but most pretty much have nothing to do with her at all.

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