Well, here's the summary of legend of dragoon.

This is spoiler filled so if you don't want me to ruin the game, turn back now.

Anyways, here goes.

There's Dart, he's the main guy character. He's the red dragon dragoon. Dragoons are the ppls that control dragons in case you didin't know. He's from this place called Neet which was decimated by the black monster. The black monster is this being that kills the moon child every 108 years. The moon child is supposed to bless the world and save it and nice stuff like that. But actually, the moon child brings destruction and the black monster is actually this lady named Rose who is the black dragoon. She's trying to save the world from destruction by killing the moon child. She's also the one of the very first dragoons from about 10,000 years ago. She's still alive because of the dragoon powers and this choker that she wears that was given to her so that she can live to kill the moon child every 108 years. She was also the fiancee of the first red dragoon who happens to be Dart's father. This is because while fighting Melbu Frauma, an evil wingly bent on world domination of course, he was turned into stone onto this chunk of rock and fell away. Actaully, he kinda, "thawed out" and I think lost his memory, got married, had dart and disappeared when he went to save the village from the black monster.

Brief discussion about their world.

Their world is called Endiness. Humans long time ago were enslaved by these ppls called winglys that were almost godlike. They had great technology and were able to fly. They are the 107th species and humans are the 106th. This system is done by the belief that the Divine Tree gives fruit which gives rise to different species. Gigantos are from 105 or 103. they are basically big but not very quick thinking ppls. The moon child is considered as the coming 108th which would lead the world to salvation with godlike powers and good stuff. Soa is basically their creator god. It's kinda fuzzy but I think that he's not the main "god" god. This is because Soa was sent down or went down and brought the divine tree with him. There is also this moon that never sets. It turns red every 108 years which marks the birth of the moon child somewhere in the world.

The moon child that Rose failed to kill was actually Shana, Dart's childhood sweetheart. She's also a princess from Mille Seseau, it's this country area up north. "Today" it has 4 sacred sisters, Miranda joins your group as the white silver dragoon cause Shana gave it to her so that she can help Dart and them cause she was too sick to continue. Mirana is the 1st sacred sister. Wink falls in love with the wingly Lloyd. And even blocks him when Dart attacks him eventhough earlier everyone believed that he helped Wink earlier only to build trust and use her to kidnap queen Theresa. He actually had no specific reason to helping Wink.

Lloyd is a wingly that attacks these places that have moon items made by the ancient winglys. These were scattered to 3 kingdoms, Tiberoa, Serdio, Mille Seseau. Albert had the moon gem and became the jade/green dragoon when Lloyd killed off Lavitz with the Dragon buster, the only sword that can kill a dragon instantly. Lavitz was a knight for albert, Albert is a king, he was kinda cool and I was a bit pissed off that he was killed permanently. Albert falls in love with princess Emille from Tiberoa and it's kinda funny watching them. But then again also thinking darn, cause he is kinda cute. ^_^ So, Lloyd was just being messed up and totally manipulating ppl and killing anybody in his way. He also releases the divine dragon which was sealed away because it was too powerful to be left running around. He wanted to use it for his own purposes but couldn't control and of course you go and save the day by killing it before it demolishes the world. Lloyd (the bastard!) takes the divine dragoon spirit once you defeat it. which he uses to try and defeat Melbu Frauma but dies and Dart gets to use it. I would like to add the the dragon is REALLY ugly with 7 eyes, including one huge one around the usual nose area, and 7 wings. don't understand what the 7th one does cause well, they all seem to flap and one extra wing on one side doesn't make mch sense.

Rose's story is kinda sad. She ends up living for thousands of years eventhough all her other original dragoon friends were killed, kills the moon child and countless many others every 108 years, her fiancee dies in front of her only to find out later that he really DIDN'T die and has to kill him in the end, falls in love with the son of her fiancee, and is called the black monster and is feared, hated, and misunderstood. Talk about a sorry life. At least in the end she and Zieg, Dart's dad, die together and basically end up as 2 birds in the very end. You can tell cause one is with with red and the other is with blackish purple. You also get this cool movie sequence of everyone espcaping and of course Rose sacrificing herself so that everyone else can live. :sniff sniff:

Away from the sentimental stuff, Meru is a wingly and is the blue dragoon, Kongol is a gigantos and is the golden dragoon. Personally, I think he sucks out of all of them, his dragoon armor isn't as cool either. :P It's stupid, he kicks butt way better as a bad guy than as an ally. Haschel has a more significant story role than the other 2. He's actually Dart's grandfather. He is a master of this "rouge school fighting technique," think Sano and Anju(priest panda looking guy)and rocks. Anyways, his daughter Claire was training with this other girl and he keeps critisizing her and she accidentally kills her sparring mate. Haschel chases her away at first then feels sorry and ends up trying to find her for 20 yrs. talk about bad parenting... Claire dies at Neet while following Zieg to fight the black monster. He's the purple dragoon, basically thunder. He gets his dragoon spirit after you kill off emperor Doel, Alberts uncle, who of course was actually misled by Lloyd.

But, at the VERY end, after the movie sequence, you see shots of everyone after the fight. Dart is with Shana rebuilding their hometown, Haschel goes back to his hometown to train ppl including Kongol, Miranda is telling everyone about what she did, Meru is with her ppl, and of course Rose is dead and you see the 2 birds.