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hi! This my links page. This is actually in the process of shifting some of the anime links into their respective summary. It just makes things a LOT easier. This will later become a miscellaneous stuff page. but anyways... For downloads, make sure you have a program to unzip it. you'll need it. I'm pretty confident in your intelligence to get some kind of unzipping program if you need one, therefore I don't need to send you to a site to download a program.


First I would like to state that these gifs are NOT mine but that I downloaded it from some super nice ppls. Who by the way are SUPER cool and made the coolest gifs.




mixed ff ppls

Anime Links pretty cool and fun site on guys from different animes

Ayashi no Ceres page w/ manga translations

This has some info on some of the works of CLAMP

S.T.A.M.P this is another small various anime info page. this place has MP3'S it takes effort to get but if you really want it...

For some fan subbed anime Sachi's distribution is the best one I've found so far. It's fast, quick, good quality and relatively cheap.
Filia fansub distributer of tapes and CDs.

Anime Search Guides

An anime, manga, and misc. stuff site. They're behind in recent anime, so good luck.
[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike
This site has the latest anime site listings, easy to find stuff here but has only links

Other nice places

Some Final Fantasy links

Final fantasy music online- A site with the most amount of information on the music of ff and some other squaresoft games.

Here's where I got most of my new gifs. but my site has them all zipped up and ready for pick up ^_^.

Here is a really good final fantasy site with lots and LOTS of stuff about most of the games and more!

This is a cool final fantasy page with almost everything

page of ff8 and ff7 stuff

Page with ff8 walkthrough and labeled world map

Want some hints with a game you're stuck at? Well, gamefaqs should help.

A ffX page. So, click here and you'll be on your way.