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mel Caly's mini anime reference ^_~


Sorry that I haven't been around to update more often but it's not like I'm getting a lot of anime anyways. Princess nine is a cheesy tennis anime and ff12 may be or is, in the works. I do know that ffX-2 is out in Japan. I know that yuna and rikku are dressed skimpier than before. And that now yuna uses guns and they go around finding these globe things, kinda like a treasure hunter. They're not saving the world from complete destruction either so it's more of a final fantasy without the main point. my friend also showed me that the ppls in Japan even have this gun controller for the game as well. it's kinda weird.And there's this 3rd girl you can control whose name is Paine but pronounced "pine." whatever...

ErnestAll the gifs that I have are zipped and ready for download at my links page(soon to be misc. stuff page). so if you like them you can go ahead and download them. I would also like to thank whoever made these cause I sure didn't have the pics or the time to do it. so thanks whoever!


Recently, in case you didn't know, Cartoon network is now running kenshin, Inu Yasha, trigun are now on everyday. Kenshin is at 6:30 and inu yasha and trigun are at 12:30 and 1. I personally hate dubs and I'm sorry but they edited out some stuff that was in the original. One thing, you don't see ppls being shot that much or much of blood is even shown. heck when Millie and Wolfwood from trigun sleep together the dubbed version make it seem more like they just ate sandwhiches together and that's it. hahah...

OscarObviously, this is a mini anime* reference site. It's a listing of anime that I've heard or know about, which is a surprisingly large amount, and it's a mini reference of anime. Sorry but I DO NOT(stressing the NOT) watch anything hentai(japanese for perverted or used in this way "adult" anime. personally, I think animated stuff like that is the supidest thing.) I prefer shojo(girl)anime. as long as it's not so girly and "pink" that I feel like hurling a big rock at the screen. the Info Desk is now up and kinda running. so, Need help? confused by some things? well, hopefully the info desk can help. and as usual, any other questions and such, please email and your question will be replied to as soon as possible. oh, and extra help is always appreciated. super minor details are not appreciated though.


Julious Well, here's a page on the story summaries of some games that I've played and finished(mostly) and recent games of interest that have come out. I realized that there was a very low amt of ppls out there who do game summaries. personally, I get annoyed at the fighting sometimes cause all I want is the rest of the story! There's gifs to illustrate the characters. the summaries may take awhile to load though. Click here to go to the site.


Zephel just a bit of dusting off here and there. also started a game story summary of Kingdom hearts. I'll also start on a story summary on Xenosaga if I can. it's pretty long and complicated but I think I can do it.


Extra stuff page!

Haven't had much time to surf around and check out some good sites lately. haven't had the chance to go in depth web searching. Considering outside help.
Clavis Ok, for those of you who actually want to talk to me, here's my email. Also, know any good sites? send it by email and I'll check it out and post them. that way I can sneak out of doing all that research myself. heehee.... So go click and email, esp. if you happen to be this REALLY cute guy around my age. (heehee j/k)


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