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Irvine ffX-2 is pretty much out in Japan. the main difference between this game and most other ff games is that the world is NOT being destroyed by some power hungry maniac. it's pretty much Yuna looking around for Tidus
Well.... kingdom hearts2 is in the works, Onimusha3 will come out soon and it will have the guy from the first game and French ppls. The main french guy is modeled after actor guy Jean Reno(the professional) weird... anyhow Windwaker, newest Zelda game, is pretty cool. I liked it a lot. i'm trying to do the master quest but for some reason I can't get this box down to get to the next room. I'm starting to wonder if I have a glitch of some sort.....or it could be the game trying to be evil cause it knows that i am close to beating the game and that I can beat it. (haven't died yet! ^_^)

kinda started on one for ff5 but not really. kinda lost interest and memory of what happened as well. -_-;;click to see how far I typed.

not really done with ff6 either but I will finish up someday. click here

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Cloud Final Fantasy VII

SquallFinal Fantasy VIII

ZidaneFinal Fantasy IX

YunaFinal Fantasy X

Kingdom Hearts

Legend of Dragoon

Onimusha 1

In case you don't know, all final fantasy is by squaresoft. they're rpgs and it stands for REALLY addicting(and time consuming). but, the movies are cool and they totally kick butt!!

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