just some ramdom stuff. the 2nd half is bits from my life 1st half is just some opinions.

Another thing I kinda want to complain about is why the heck are guys soooo into Love Hina. It's nice and all but I don't have the weird obsessive need to buy anything from it. I mean, do you REALLY need a life size cardboard cutout of Naru? (btw, it's more of a promotional thing so it's usually NOT on sale) Or maybe I'm just irritated about the whole bunch of girls and one guy sort of thing. But then again I get irritated about the bunch of guys and one girl thing too. Cause the girl is just usually irritating or too sweet and you just want to shoot her. but back to the point, There's plenty of other anime that has the 1 guy and many girls. Nadesco(pretty much ship full of girls but Yuriko IS really annoying), Vandred(pretty much ALL girls and one guy), Strawberry eggs(technically high school students but it is a guy w/ a school full of girls) and plenty more. Or maybe like my friend said, "these guys have no lives at all." and he's a guy too.

And speaking of AX this year, I went to see one of the gundam series w/the ppl I was going with(guys) and scary enough, I was pretty much the only girl in there who was also REALLY short. I don't think of myself as really short but eventhough I was sitting at almost the back, the guys in the very front of the room were soooo tall that I couldn't see the subtitles at all. It sucked and it was weird. just to see so many scary, scrawny, tall (mostly white) guys in one area. but then again most of the ppls there were guys. There were girls of course but a good majority of them were pretty scary. It's the super obsessive know every little detail from their favorite anime sort of person. I love anime and everything but there's a limit. I don't think I'll celebrate any character's birthday anytime soon, or read horoscopes for them, or memorize their blood types or think and refer to them as living ppls. Eventhough I'm pretty much a hermit and pretty much avoid having to deal with ppls but at least I'm not sooo deprived for ppls that I start to do these sort of things. (sorry all you who do this) I like the stuff and everything and heck, my walls are covered with different anime posters and I've got LOTS of anime music but I guess what I'm really complaining about is the fact that some ppls get sooooo fixated on just ONE anime that they're missing the good newer anime series which is really too bad. uhh... moving on.....

In case you didn't notice yet, this is basically a little autobio of my life on the campus the the University of California, Davis. My friend suggested this because, well..., my experiences are a bit strange.

Here's a running count of my bike accidents so far..
1. Hit bush. it hurt.

2. Almost hit biker, I fell.

3. Hit girl's front tire. not enitrely my fault. I fell, she didn't.

4. hit friend because I lost balance on a sloped road. I fell.

5. Hit girl who blocked the sidewalk entrance. Not my fault entirely. I fell. REALLY HARD. she shouldn't have dropped her bike when I bumped her front tire anyways!!!

6. Tried to pass two girls riding super slow but wasn't going fast enough and opening between left side girl was narrow. She moved a bit to the left and I shifted but hit the wooden "easel" white and orange road block sign put at the side with my left handle bar and next thing I know I'm skidding on the ground on my stomach then my right elbow and knee. Got bruise on stomach and scratches on elbow, around right knee and palm. my metal band watch also broke into 4 bits. I'd like to say that it was a swiss army one and it sure isn't very durable. even my cheaper citizen one lasted through at LEAST 4 times through the washer AND dryer and is still ticking(after I change the batteries cause it just ran out) and it wasn't even water proof. although it IS kinda interesting trying to make the water on the face of the watch heat up enough by body temp and CA sun to make it turn to vapor. ^_^ now THAT watch definately takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (till I change the battery of course)

7.Hit by a car. It actually wasn't too bad. All I got was a scratch and two bruises. It happened while I was turning the corner in a parking lot. I saw her a bit late and she saw me. Luckily I started braking hard and only bumped her car really hard. I left a slight dent and a rubber streak mark on the passenger side door. Personally, she shouldn't have gone that fast in the parking lot. She had this pretty nice silver sports car. but is really was her fault for going so fast cause she couldn't really stop her car till a few feet away from me. I'm just lucky I got good enough reflexes to brake fast enough. gotta work a bit on the gripping strength though. but then again my entire wheel was bent and handle bars were definately not aligned straight with the tires.

here's another running list!

This time it's about what I learned NOT to do.

1. Do not spray propellants into a gas oven while it is on. I almost did that with a can of spray oil. luckily I decided to stop right before I was about to spray some stuff in the gas oven WHILE it was still on.

2. Do not throw plastic tipped darts too hard. Even they can get stuck into the wall like regular darts. was trying to see if I could hit bullseye at twice the distance.(not really but it did hit the board)

3. Do not have finals one day after the other. You'll feel like shooting yourself halfway through.

4. Do not use sharp knife on slippery and hard objects. it's better to just set it down and bring the knife down full force on it.(assuming you were smart enough to get various body parts out of the way. accidentally cut through my nail and into the skin underneath. it was a pretty bloody gash too. this also leads up to #5

5. Do not use knife after a shower or bath. the cut would not have been as bad if only my nails and hands weren't so soft from being in the shower for at least 30 mins.

6. Do not drive with the windows down during spring when allergy season is reaching its peak.

7. Do not EVER EVER use AOL EVER again. Eeeeeevil bastards keep charging my credit card eventhough I cancelled service months ago and also called to complain and cancel a couple more times.

8. DO NOT touch hot metals that have been heating up chemicals for an hour. even if you ARE using a couple of wet cold paper towels to insulate

9. Do not leave out strong acid in the open. esp. if it was stored under a fume hood. I definately killed my sense of smell for the day for that. Leaving out some super concentrated HCL while doing other stuff. not smart. realized I left it there after some searing pain in nose cause of wafting vapors caused by ppls walking by. Also my litmus paper turned pretty red(presence of STRONG acid) even though it was pretty far away from my flask and all I did to the litmus paper was leave it out.

Well my last week at work and lately I've been having trouble with BART(bay area rapid transit) It definately isn't very "rapid" if you ask me. I've been late to work almost an entire week because of it. It has also made me 30-45min late for home. It's not fun standing in an empty underground station. I think my stupid curse with public transportation has returned. I also had to deal with this one guy who sat next to me who REALLY reeked. Felt like gaggging. Had to deal with standing in my BART shuttle to get to work because for some odd reason there was a LOT more ppls than usual. Usually there's enough room on the bus for everyone to take two seats and maybe a couple of ppls would share. But today, geez! was soooo packed that I had to stand and I was close to the fron so I had to keep moving out of the way so that ppls could get out. At least my work place was the 3rd stop.


well, back at the same old job, except now I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I'm not doing what I usually do but instead I'm doing odd miscellaneous stuff. I never worked with microsomes and enzymes last year. never used heptone. Or dicholomethane with the super strong and scary fumes that you can actually see. never a good sign... I think that my supervisor passed me to someone else who's working in the group. I'm starting to feel like they're playing hot potato with me or babysitting me. I haven't actually talked to my actual supervisor since I started either! weird.... at least I get paid...

I've finally gotten my stupid phone cord to connect to the net from the living room to my room. Well, the only thing exciting recently is the fact that I'm scaring myself silly. (it's what I get for watching all those freaky chinese ghost movies..) it's cause the fuse box is in my room and I was just jumping around in front of the heating vent(the room was colder than the hallway so I was checking ok?!) Anyways, when I jumped down it popped open and the lights upstairs went out. It could be from the fact that my apt mate was playing around with the connection upstairs but you don't know! lately the gas for the gas heater just went out one day. and before it did I noticed that the door to the boiler closet was open and no one else has been near it except me. I even checked to see how it could pop open by tugging on the door while it was shut and well, I'm pretty sure that it didn't "pop" open. doesn't help that my room is always the coldest no matter what. and you know how unnaturally cold temp indoors typically mean that there's a ghost there. did help my roommate was gone too.... anyways, I'm going to leave my room now cause I'm pretty nervous about the while thing now....

well, it's that time again. It's SPRING!!! and you know what that means! ALLERGIES! Lately the best thing for me to do right now is to not go out unless I really have to. I know I should go and take some allergy medicine but. eeeew! I don't like it. I think it sucks. stupid side effects!!! I'm starting a new quarter soon. my finals royally suck now. stupid lab final with stupid questions worded all messed up so that now I really have to ace the freaking class final. aaarrrggg!!! none of the companies that I applied to for internships replied. :sniff sniff: but I'm going to work on my resume by finding some sorry low paying job on campus in some kind, any kind, of lab. :sigh: anyways, nothing much has happened. well, except that there's this pretty cute guy in my lab and :sigh: ^_^ he even lives in the apt complex next door. ^_^ just too bad he's not that interested in me though. and I wasted all that time wearing skimpy and tight tops too! j/k although I did drag out my halter tops and spagetti straps. oh well...

well, it's a start of a new year for my at ucd. I'm taking this animal sci class that's really really fun. the teacher is really enthusiastic about the stuff(dunno if it's a good thing or bad thing)and he even played a super cheesy cowboy song for us to listen to as we amble our way into class. I also had the chance to flip a sheep but I couldn't do it. it was pretty dang heavy and I'm pretty sure it didn't like to be grabbed by ppls and forced to sit on its butt while other ppl opened its mouth to check out its teeth. But now I can proudly say to any ivy league school ppl and say that my college has classes THEY don't have.(although we do have tractor driving classes and I'm pretty sure harvard doesn't have that) I mean how would your parents feel that in sending you to college you have learned how to milk a cow. (I doubt it'll be positive) anyways as my friend kyomi said in the guestbook, I need to update. not anytime soon though cause the phone line in my room isn't quite working and I'm not paying to fix it. we did take apart the regular phone line of the apt as an example and ended up spending hours on it cause the wires kept falling out and the phone in the entire house couldn't be used. ooops. lately I discovered that for dinner that a whole bulb of roasted garlic tastes pretty good and can do pretty good as dinner. or I could be just plain lazy... I'm pretty sure that afterwards that no one would want to get near me when I start talking and pronouncing my h's. and in the apts there is actually still ppls who WILL neatly fold all the clothes you left in the dryer. that's what happened to my new apt roommate. they even folded her underwear. scary. I mean, how much of underwear can you really fold anyways. decided to keep up the bike accident count cause I KNOW something will happen sometime sooon. it doesn't help that I now bike 10-15 minutes to campus from my new apt. it's sooo feezing cold in the morning too! nothing much has happened lately at school, other than the garlic eating and the hours spent watching tv. I wasn't a couch potato but more of a carpet slug. I basically laid in front of the tv all day looking like either I was dying or I didn't have a backbone to keep myself up. my aptmates weren't surprised to see me stay in the exact same position for hours at a time. I DID watch a lot of cartoons though... I was even too lazy to drag my butt over to my computer and yell obscenities at it while I attempt to beat parasite eve. or even to watch anime. I'm in the process of watching the 1st season of slayers. Still hoping someday to beat ff8 by myself and to beat parasite eve and also to play legend of dragoon cause my computer hates me and refuses to get the graphics right enough to be able to see what the heck are my choices in battle. stupid computer. moving on, might I add that it's boring as heck at school? I'm basically stuck on campus till my next class cause it'd be a total waste to go home and sit for maybe 30 mins and come back onto campus. at least I can see cute guys hanging around. I now know that the best time to see them is around lunch. and they also like to go to the library and where ever computers can be found. (what took me soooo long to realize this?!)

This is just stuff from my first year of college: I had a calculus teacher here who decided to demonstrate parabolas. Live. how? well, he stood up on this counter and dropped an apple. Even better was that he thought that it was cool that the apple bounced a little bit after impact with the floor and decided to drop that apple again. -_-;; and THIS was calculus... and for the longest time I had to take the bus. and oh, I had a strange sort of curse that affects me once I have to take the bus. I swear it hates me... well, one day I took it to class. There was a stop at which you don't need to ring for to stop. well, guess what? it just zoomed by. I was stunned as it drove away towards downtown. At first I was in denial until we were in the middle of downtown I finally got off and started running. it's cause I had less than 10 min. to get to class and here I was in the middle of downtown. joy... luckily I was only slighy late after running/walking a couple of blocks. Once I was sitting on the bus that was about to take me home when I heard my name. I just thought that it was someone else cause my name sounds like a bunch of other names. so I ignored it. then there was a tapping on the opposite window and since the windows were reflected on the inside I couldn't see out and just ignored it. then a friend of mine just stuck her head through the door and told me to get off cause we were going apartment shopping. I was surprised and embarassed cause everyone was staring at me and I was stuck cause I couldn't get off cause the bus driver was helping a wheelchair guy get on the bus and she had to use the elevator step thing and I had to stand around in the front of the bus while all the ppl on the bus were staring at me. a girl I knew also told me that I should just jump off. which was impossible cause I'd probably break the step thing and there was NO WAY I could possible jump that far with my backpack and without a bit of a running start. but at least I finally got off. whew!

2nd quarter, finally got a bike! unfortunately I ran into a bush. but it wasn't during the first time I took it out. I already rode it a couple of times. except this time I was trying to make the bike light, so I sped up. and well, tried to brake but it wasn't enough for me to turn and WHAM! I hit that bush. I was pretty lucky I didn't fall into that mud puddle that was right next to me. it was so embarassing that it had to happen at a pretty busy intersection and that ppl actually came to see if I was ok. and from that day on, I had problems making that stupid light! it always has to turn red right when I get there. well, having a bike meant that I won't have to watch out as much as I did as a pedestrian. but unfortunately I meet the stupid ones that won't get out oh the way of a place where bikes go in and out. almost hit this stupid group of ppl that blocked the entire path. once, I had to ride through a huge group of ppl cause their class had just got out and it was kinda cool to see them jump out of the way and to see this one guy grab his girlfriend just like the movies. you know, like some moving vehicle is about to hit her so the guy pulls the girl towards him. it was neat.. anyways my grades were worse than my first quarter but I worked harder in the second quarter than the first which made me wonder... But at least I'm not on academic probation! which reminds me, gotta check how low I can go...

well, if you haven't noticed, there's a strange sort of pattern between me and moving objects. which reminds me of a story my friend told me about my ex. she told me that he got hit by a truck while riding his bike in Davis. All he ended up with was 2 broken ribs(I think) but I thought it was kinda funny in a way cause of all those years of wishing that someone would get hit by a truck has finally come true, weird. so this paragraph will be on other things. like how once my roommate left her clothes too long in the dryer and someone took it out and even folded them because that other person needed the dryer too. I told her to check and make sure she had all her underwear. ^_^ It was also funny the next time she left it in too long cause her clothes were dumped on the side along with someone else's. when she was folding her clothes, she kept finding some that just weren't hers. we also finally got along with the guys upstairs who always made a LOT of noise. at least they stopped or at elast had less of it. oh, another thing that was pretty funny is how my suitemate's band ppl are playing pranks on their upperbandsmen and they actually stole a cat. they decided to send the guy his cat's diary from an "anonymous" email address. and even funnier was that one of the girls would say "meow" with some other ppl at practice when he was close enough. what was funny was the fact that he just got in her face and demanded that she tell him what she knew of his cat. and from what she tells me, he is kinda paranoid in a way in trying to figure out who has his cat. well, at least they're feeding it. ^_^

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