Well, here you are, as usual, turn back if you don't like spoilers and like to be surprised. This is a spoiler filled summary as usual so stay or go home!.

Onimusha Summary

First you get this cool movie sequence of this great battle with Japanese armies and you see the Nobunaga guy doing the stereotypical evil villan thing making a speech and trying to take over, that sort of thing. Then you see Samanoske, the main guy, fight a bunch of ppls and then you see a shot of Nobunaga's army winning and then an arrow goes through the guy's throat. Then a year later Samanoske gets summoned by princess Yuki cause she's afraid something will happen, she gets kidnapped. There's this ninja girl named Kaede who follows you and helps out in the game. Anyways, he runs into a tusked demon guy with Yuki but gets his butt kicked first time around, THEN he gets the gauntlet to suck the souls of the demons.(well, it's you or them...) then you go and kick that guy's butt(haha!) Anyways, Nobunaga was actually resurected by this demon/mad scientist guy(Guildenstern) and that the kidnapping of Yuki was so that he can complete a pact with the demons and recieve the power of the demons by drinking the blood of someone born from the land who has noble(as in personality)blood from the skull of the victim. The skull is kinda referred to as a "grail from which he will drink her blood." nasty. =P
then he decides to send a demon to kill you. (kicked that guy's butt too) then you go around trying to find the princess and off course kill the retarded demons that dare to get in your way.(heh heh) Then you meet this little kid named Yumemaru who is an adopted brother to Yuki and this creepy guy named Tokichiro(you get to learn a bit of Japanese history as well) who tries to convert you to the Oda clan, which is where Nobunaga belongs to. Of course Samanoske is from the Saito clan, same as the present ruling ppl.

Anyways, he and Kaede get into this puzzle solving trap and he gets stuck in this water room and she saves him by doing the retarded puzzle where you shift pieces in certain ways to make the picture. (I always sucked like hell on these. never liked the toy ones cause I ended up taking it apart and putting it back together that way. ha!) And then he fights this demon Marcellus(what's with these names from Hamlet?!)and you save Yumemaru from the evil ppls and Kaede stay with him and this other girl name Nui who is acually this evil wasp demon lady named Hecubus. anyways, while he's away they knock out Kaede and take the boy, Hecubus takes him to the demon world and seals the gate with a wind thingy which you have to break by using a great arrow and great bow(cheesy sounding? very.) Kaede fights too but she sucks cause you has to use herbs to heal and you don't have that much, and she moves fast which is nice, but not if you want to move slowly, and her atacks aren't that strong. I think the fact she can kick and do back flips is pretty cool though. you can also use Samanoske to flip enemies when you're at a hold off with the swords. sooo cool. when you can pull it off that is....

Then he goes to beat up Hecubus because she's stupid enough to think she can kill him. She's GOT to be the easiest villan to fight cause if you go to the corner and just block she'll try to hit you and will also hit the stupid insect bugs that she called to try to kill you. And you get lots of nifty souls to absorb without doing any work. After this, Kaede blows up the building and gets injured and Samanoske goes off to the demon world to kill fortinbras (hamlet again), who is the king of demons and Nobunaga is there to cause the ceremony is about to start. This guy was soo easy to beat it wasn't even funny. Even Marcellus(hamlet AGAIN), who was sent by Guildenstern(wonder where's rosencrantz, maybe in #2?) well, Marcellus was pretty hard, stupid guy dodges hecka fast! the movie intro was pretty neat though. After he dies things fall apart and Samanoske tells everone to leave first and Fortinbras wasn't completely dead and grabs Samanoske such that he can't grab is sword and tries to squeeze him to death, some blood squirts out and onto his gauntlet and he transforms into an oni(monster) and kills fortinbras by stabbing him through the eye in the middle of his head. the other two eyes pop out and it looks like the eyes were attached with strings cause it looked like those paddle ball things without the paddle. Then he blacks out and wakes up normal, unscratched, and unarmed and Nobunaga is standing on this ledge above him. Then, it ends and the story tells the after story of everyone else. Yuki goes traveling after the Saito clan is defeated after Yuki's brother takes over. Yumemaru travels with Yuki. Kaede tries looking for Samanoske cause he disappeared ever since that last battle and dies 14 years later in this war cause she took this job as a spy or something. and Samanoske, no one knows but you get to see him in the end standing on a ledge at sunset. ALSO there's this trailer for Onimusha 2 which is supposed to be 10 years later with new enemies and stuff! I felt a withdrawl after finishing the game and I want to try kicking more butt by doing the game again(without stupid water puzzle) Also I wonder how many more Hamlet based names will be in the next game. hmmm....

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